Bushnell Cart Mount for Golf Rangefinders

“Bushnell Cart Mount”

Bushnell Cart Mount

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There just are not a lot of choices out there securing your laser rangefinder to your golf cart. Fortunately, the Bushnell Cart Mount, works on most golf carts.

Bushnell Cart Mount Features
  • Temporary mount with a Quick Release Clamp
  • Allows easy access to laser rangefinder
  • Fits most golf carts

If you use a laser rangefinder, you know it can be a hassle trying to keep track of it in the golf cart. To make sure it doesn’t get damaged, you end up leaving it in the case and that just slows you down when you need a yardage.

Note: Although Bushnell says it fits all carts, not all users had luck on all carts.

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