Best Golf Rangefinder 2013

Our Best Golf Rangefinder 2013 list currently includes GPS and laser rangefinders that were released in 2013. If you are interested in seeing our top picks overall, check out our picks for Best Golf Rangefinder.

Top Laser Golf Rangefinders New in 2013

  1. Bushnell Tour V3 – Read Full Review
    We like the addition of “Jolt” technology that causes the unit to vibrate when it locks onto the target. This should be a big help to users who struggle to know when they are seeing the correct distance.
  2. Callaway XHot – Read Full Review
    Callaway laser rangefinders are hard to beat in price and performance. This one is almost exactly the same as the hugely successful Callaway Diablo Octane.
  3. Leupold GX-1i – Read Full Review
    A solid golf laser rangefinder with 6x magnification. Leupold GX-1i improves upon its predecessor, the GX-1, by improving the speed and accuracy of target acquisitions.
  4. Leupold GX-2i – Read Full Review
    If you’re looking for a laser rangefinder with Slope, we definitely recommend buying a Leupold. Like the GX-1i, this model improves speed and accuracy over its forerunner, the GX-2.

Other Laser Rangefinders New in 2013

  • Leupold PinCaddie – Read Review
    Leupold is adding an entry level laser rangefinder to their line of golf rangefinders, that should be significantly less expensive than their other models. Although it may lack some of the features that make other Leupold models easy to use, it’s still going to have the 6x magnification. If the street price ends up in the right range, experienced rangefinder users on a budget will be all over this model.

Top Golf GPS Devices Including Watches
New in 2013

  1. Bushnell Neo-X Watch – Read Full Review
    The smallest and most lightweight golf GPS watch is getting rave reviews!
  2. Garmin Approach S4 Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    This watch has all the features you could want PLUS it can receive texts, emails and notifications from your iPhone!
  3. GolfBuddy WT3 Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    This watch is a direct competitor with the Garmin Approach S2 (below), but has the bonus of being able to manually change the pin position. It does however weigh a little more.
  4. GolfBuddy VT3 (with watch option) – Read Full Review – On paper, this looks hard to beat. It’s a touchscreen with advanced features for a unit this size. It comes with a watch band and a belt clip, so you decide how to wear it.
  5. GolfBuddy Voice+ (with watch option) – Read Full Review
    Building on the success of the GolfBuddy Voice, GolfBuddy has added a removable band, an hour of battery life and visual distances to the front and back of the green. Another great idea from GolfBuddy.
  6. Garmin Approach S2 Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    The Garmin Approach S2 has truly found its place in the middle between the S1 and the S3. It goes beyond the S1 in providing distances to layups and doglegs in addition to the standard front-middle-back distances. It also has a digital scorecard, which was absent in the S1. It stops short of the Approach S3 by excluding manual pin positioning and a touchscreen. Garmin golf watches have so far proven exceptional.

Other Golf GPS Devices Including Watches
New in 2013

  • SkyCaddie Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    The SkyCaddie Golf Watch will provide distance to the front, middle and back of green, measure your shots and provides a digital scorecard. Beyond that, it has a timer, alarm, odometer and calorie counter. Unfortunately, SkyCaddie still charges annual fees on all of their GPS golf rangefinders.
  • SkyCaddie Gimme – Read Full Review
    A basic golf GPS with large numbers providing distance to the front, middle and back of greens. It also has a scorecard and shot measuring, but unfortunately requires annual subscription fees.
  • SkyCaddie Breeze – Read Full Review
    Again SkyCaddie offers a basic unit with annual fees and opportunities to spend even more for upgrades.
  • Pebble Watch – Read Full Review
    The Pebble watch is not specifically a golf GPS, but rather a smart watch that utilizes a golf app running on your smart phone. We have no idea how this is going to work out, but if you’re a golfer and a gadget geek, this seems worth a try!

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