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Golf GPS Reviews and ComparisonsHere is a complete list of Golf GPS Reviews sorted by brand. For rankings and side by side comparisons, see our Golf GPS Reviews and Scores.


  • Bushnell neo-XS Golf Watch – Ratings Score: 4.26
    Bushnell already had the smallest and lightest golf watch on the market with the highly rated neo-x, but they are going even smaller and lighter with the neo xs. They’ve also added more targets per hole, but kept the same simple user interface. Another golf GPS watch from Bushnell that will be hard to beat!
  • Bushnell Hybrid – Ratings Score: 4.21
    Combine the Bushnell neo+ with the Bushnell V2 laser rangefinder and you’ve got the best rangefinder in the game. Read the full review, because it’s not for everyone, especially if you’re looking for a straight GPS.


  • Callaway uPro MX+ – Ratings Score: 3.28
    Callaway has yet again failed to have a hit in the golf GPS market. The reviews suggest looking elsewhere. The Garmin G5 & G6 would be good places to start.


  • I’m Caddie – Ratings Score: 4.5
    There is no screen on this little unit, so you’ll need to be able to hear it speak. We look forward to seeing how users feel about this simple device.


  • Garmin vivoactive – New
    The Garmin vivoactive looks like it will make a solid golf watch with distances to the front, middle and back of every green, plus layup yardages and doglegs. This watch is best for golfers who are interested in more than just a golf watch. It will serve runners, cyclist, swimmers, walkers and anyone wanting to track steps and activity. It’s a powerful smartwatch with Garmin’s proven experience.
  • Garmin Approach S1 Watch – Ratings Score: 4.48
    The Garmin S1 was the first golf GPS watch to hit the mainstream and its ratings are amazing. It’s still a solid performer at a terrific price, but be sure to check out the our current list of Best Golf Watches. Both are newer, smaller and have distances to hazards.
  • Garmin Approach G7 – Ratings Score: 4.46
    Garmin added a few features to it’s very successful G6 and the G7 was born. If you like the idea of having a “Plays Like” distance that adjusts for elevation and club recommendations based on your hitting distances and/or if you like getting text messages, emails and notifications from your iPhone, then you’ll find this a worthwhile investment. If not, the G6 or the G8 may be more to your liking.
  • Garmin Approach S2 – Ratings Score: 4.39
    The Garmin S2 offers doglegs, layup yardages and a digital scorecard. It gets excellent ratings, but if the scorecard isn’t important to you, also check the Bushnell neo-X watch and the Bushnell neo-XS, which both give distances to hazards.
  • Garmin Approach G6 – Ratings Score: 4.31
    Pre-loaded, no fees and excellent user reviews. Definitely our first choice in golf GPS. The color screen is bright in any light conditions. The touchscreen allows you to get distance to any point on a hole. The battery life is excellent and the unit is compact and easy to use. As far as we’re concerned, Garmin is the leader in golf GPS handhelds.
  • Garmin Approach S3 – Ratings Score: 4.19
    We love the touchscreen, distances to layups, shot measuring and scorecard. When we saw the price dip below $200, we couldn’t believe it! You’re definitely getting some bang for your buck here. If simplicity is more your style, the Garmin S1 or the Bushnell NEO-X might be a better fit.
  • Garmin S4 Golf Watch – Ratings Score: 4.15
    In our opinion, this is the best golf watch for the money that has a scorecard and can track your stats. The S4 is feature-rich and yet so easy to use. It has a dedicated green view button and a wonderful touchscreen that allows for easy manual pin positioning. It can measure your shots and even show your iPhone notifications with very little interruption.
  • Garmin Approach G8 – Ratings Score: 4.02
    If you have the budget for this one and no great love for your PC, the ability to update courses via Wifi will be a real bonus. You’ll want to stay away from this model if you play competitively because it doesn’t meet the USGA’s local rule criteria. The “Plays Like” distance that calculates using changes in elevation is something we think many golfers will enjoy along with the club recommendations. If you have an iPhone and having messages and notifications on your golf GPS, appeals to you, the G8 or the G7 will serve you well.
  • Garmin Approach S6 – Ratings Score: 3.74
    The most feature-rich golf GPS watch on the market. It’s the fairway views that make this watch worth the extra money. If you’re standing on the tee of a dogleg with bunkers near your landing zone, it’s really nice to know how far the trouble is. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering for those who play unfamiliar courses frequently.

Golf Buddy

  • Golf Buddy Voice – Ratings Score: 4.57
    The GolfBuddy Voice gives visual and auditory distances to the front, middle and back of every green. It’s simple, convenient and reasonably priced, and the ratings are fantastic!
  • Golf Buddy Voice+ – Ratings Score: 4.5
    When GolfBuddy release the Voice+, they simply took their wildly successful Voice model and made it better. They added two hours of battery life and an optional watchband. This one has distance to the front, middle and back all on the main screen and is just as highly rated as its predecessor. However, you’ll also want to consider the newest version, the GolfBuddy VS4, that is waterproof.
  • Golf Buddy World – Ratings Score: 3.77
    Definitely worth considering if lots of features and a low price are important to you. It’s a small full-featured rangefinder with a nice price point.
  • Golf Buddy Platinum II (2012) – Ratings Score: 3.35
    Golf Buddy was trying to improve upon previous versions, but early indications are that you should stay away from this one.


  • GolfBuddy VS4 – Ratings Score: 4.62
    GolfBuddy has been leading the way in the basic and Voice categories of Golf GPS for several years now. The VS4 is the latest model and adds water resistance as the only upgrade we can see from the GolfBuddy Voice+. In an easy to use package, you get front, middle and back distances, dynamic green view and shot measuring. The watchband is not included with this model, but it is available as an accessory. As you wold expect, the early reviews are excellent.
  • GolfBuddy WT3 Watch – Ratings Score: 3.92
    The GolfBuddy WT3 Watch is definitely a contender. It has distances to front, middle and back, plus to hazards and layups. You can also set the pin position manually. Of course it’s preloaded and never has any fees. If you’re a walker or runner, it can track the distance and time of your journey.
  • GolfBuddy VT3 – Ratings Score: 3.0
    The GolfBuddy VT3 has all the features you could want, including a nice display, voice guidance and distances and a removable watchband. It also had distances to hazards and layups, plus a scorecard feature. However, the early reviews don’t look good for the VT3, so for now, we would skip this one.
  • GolfBuddy PT4 – Ratings Score: 1.6


  • Izzo Swami 3000 – Ratings Score: 4.25
    A very basic golf GPS with a wonderfully low price. It’s preloaded with courses and has no annual fees. Ratings are very good.
  • Izzo Swami Golf Watch (v.2) – Ratings Score: 4.21
    Izzo makes great basic golf GPS devices at low prices. This model was released in late 2013 and would seem to compete directly with the Garmin S1. However, the Izzo has a handy scorecard feature, which was a complaint for some users of the S1. The font was fairly small on this watch, so if that’s an issue for you, check out the Bushnell Neo X or the Garmin S1.
  • Izzo Swami Voice – Ratings Score: 4.19
    The Izzo Swami Voice is terrific basic golf GPS that has a digital display as well as voice. It’s one of the simplest to use golf GPS devices on the market. It’s waterproof which gives it the edge on it’s closest competitor, the GolfBuddy Voice. The battery life and sound quality aren’t quite as good though and it doesn’t have a shot measuring feature. It does come with great color options for the optional watch band.
  • Izzo Swami 4000 – Ratings Score: 4.12
    This is a nice size handheld golf GPS that has big, easy to read numbers. It only has distances to the front, middle and back of the green, but it’s preloaded with courses, has a scorecard and shot measuring feature and of course never has any fees.
  • Izzo Swami Sport – Ratings Score: 3.0
    It’s hard to beat the value of the Izzo Golf GPS products, and the Swami Sport is no exception. The small, bright unit easily clips onto your golf bag with the included carabineer and provide distances to the front, middle and back of every green on the main screen, along with the hole number, par and time of day.



  • Pebble E-Paper Watch – Ratings Score: 3.15
    If you’re looking for a golf GPS watch that you simply use on the golf course, this isn’t the watch for you. However, if you are interested in a Smartwatch that works with your Smartphone for other applications as well, this may be the ticket for you.


  • SkyCaddie TOUCH – New
    The SkyCaddie TOUCH has a very similar feature set to the Garmin Approach G6. The biggest advantage is that the Bluetooth connectivity should make it easier for updating courses and uploading rounds. The biggest disadvantage is that with SkyCaddie, you’ll have to pay a fee every year to be able to use the unit at all. The Garmin G8 has similar functionality via WIFI, but unlike the TOUCH and the G6, the G8 is not legal for tournament play.
  • SkyCaddie Breeze – Ratings Score: 4.17
    SkyCaddie Breeze requires annual membership fees even with the basic version. The basic version only includes front, middle and back distances. Upgrade packs are available to provide more features and distances to additional targets.
  • SkyCaddie Watch – Ratings Score: 3.55
    Besides having annual fees, the ratings on this watch just don’t measure up to the competition.
  • SkyCaddie LINX – Ratings Score: 3.22
  • SkyCaddie Gimme – Ratings Score: 3.12
    Although the base price is reasonable, SkyCaddie charges annual fees for using the Gimme. We believe other golf GPS devices without annual fees are the way to go.

Voice Caddie

  • Voice Caddie VC200 – Ratings Score: 4.65
    The VC200 provides distance to the middle of the green and it can measure and track your shots. There is no screen, so all information is provided through audio. Other voice GPS devices seem to offer more features at a similar price.
  • Voice Caddie VC300 – Ratings Score: 4.5
    The Voice Caddie VC300 is impressive in presentation. It’s a small voice guided golf GPS providing distance to the front, middle and back of every green. It has shot measuring and a swing tempo metronome for practice. It’s a swipe and click device with a great voice!
  • Voice Caddie T1 Watch – Ratings Score: 3.77
    Voice Caddie has quietly been producing quality golf GPS devices for a few years now. Unfortunately, the early ratings don’t look good for the T1 watch. Right now there are too many good golf watches on the market to take a chance on this one.

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