Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder for Golf?

One question we hear occasionally is “Can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf?”.

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The quick answer is yes, but it’s not always as easy as using a rangefinder designed specifically for golf. Almost all name brand golf rangefinders are designed to pick out the pin from background objects by locking onto the object that is the closest to you. Bushnell calls it Pinseeker, Leupold calls it PinHunter and Callaway/Nikon refers to it as First Target Priority Mode. These technologies definitely make it easier and faster to get a reading about which you’ll feel confident.

Many hunting rangefinders are designed to do the opposite. They easily pick up the more distant objects, rather than closer objects. That eliminates the problem of leaves and brush in the foreground for hunters.

Still it is possible to use a hunting rangefinder for golf and a golf rangefinder for hunting. It’s just not quite as easy as having the right rangefinder for the job. If you are both a hunter and a golfer, there is an option that’s good for both. A few hunting rangefinders have a choice between modes that target the closest object or the furthest. The Nikon Monarch Gold 1200 might be a little pricey if you’re just planning to use it for golf, but if you want something that works for golf and hunting, this is the ticket!

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