Budget-Friendly Golf Watches

Below are our picks for the best budget-friendly golf watches. They may not pack as many features as the more expensive watches, but they sure do perform the basics as well or better!

Best Budget-Friendly Golf GPS Watches
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Garmin Approach S20Read Full Review

We’ve put the Garmin S20 at the top of our list because it’s an outstanding golf watch at very low price point. Besides that, it’s a worthy activity and sleep tracker and can aslo recieve notifications from your smartphone.

As a golf watch, it provides distance to the front, middle, and back of the green on the main screen, as well as the green shape. You can manually adjust the pin placement and you can also view distances to the front and back of hazards as well as doglegs. There’s a feature called AutoShot that automatically records the distance of your shots. When you combine the watch stats with Garmin Connect, your post-game analysis gets really interesting. It can also pair up with Garmin TruSwing™ if you want swing metrics. We love that it automatically updates courses you play regularly, looks and feels better than most golf watches, and it has 15 hours of battery life in GPS mode or 8 weeks in activity mode!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.5 oz.   Legal: Yes

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf WatchRead Full Review

Although Bushnell is known for their laser rangefinders, they really seemed to have nailed it in the golf watch category as well. They have figured out that what a majority of golfers want is not bells and whistles, but simply a comfortable golf watch that is easy to use and provides distances to greens and hazards. The Neo Ion brings the same winning formula to a smaller, lighter, and better looking golf GPS watch. Best of all, the battery life will easily go three full rounds!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.8 oz.   Legal: Yes

Garmin Approach X40Read Full Review

We love Garmin golf watches and we love Garmin fitness bands, so we find the Garmin X40 band very exciting. Golf features include distance to the front, middle, and back of every green, plus hazard distances. You can see the shape of the green and manually adjust the pin position. AutoShot tracking measures and records your shot distances automatically. It has a scorecard and stat-tracking. Activity tracking shows steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and activity intensity. If that’s not enough, you can get notifications from your smartphone.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.1 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy VoiceXRead Full Review

The GolfBuddy Voice line has been a huge success from the beginning. The VoiceX is the latest in this line and has a few nice upgrades from its predecessor the GolfBuddy Voice 2. The most notable improvement is that it adds Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for automatic updates to the golf course you’re playing when you enter golf mode. The screen is a little larger and it has a Big Numbers mode and manual pin placement capability. It also adds a fairly detailed GPS activity tracker for runners and walkers. It may sacrifice some battery life for the extra features, but should still easily get 2 full rounds. A watchband is available separately.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: N/A oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy Voice 2Read Full Review

GolfBuddy just keeps building on a winning theme. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 claims 14 hours of battery life. That’s four hours more than the GolfBuddy VS4! It’s water resistant, has the choice of male or female voice, and of course provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. It’s available in three different colors as well. The wristband can be ordered separately on Amazon.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.02 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy VoiceRead Full Review

The GolfBuddy Voice gives visual and auditory distances to the front, middle and back of every green. It’s simple, convenient and reasonably priced, and the ratings are fantastic! However, GolfBuddy has several newer models that are similarly priced, have high ratings, and better battery life! Check out the latest from GolfBuddy.

Rating: grsScore  
Weight: 1 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy Voice
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Garmin Approach S60Read Full Review

Garmin’s newest golf watch looks to be a sophisticated golf watch, fitness watch, and smartwatch. It will be released in the summer of 2017 and we look forward to exploring all the features here very soon!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.8* oz.   Legal: Yes

Garmin Approach S6Read Full Review

The Garmin Approach S6 is the only golf watch on the market with fairway views and manual targeting. That’s what makes this watch worth the extra money. If you’re standing on the tee of a dogleg with bunkers near your landing zone, it’s really nice to know how far the trouble is. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering for those who play unfamiliar courses frequently.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.6 oz.   Legal: Yes, providing Pin Pointer, Tempo Training, and Swing Strength are not used

Garmin S4 Golf WatchRead Full Review

Athough the ratings aren’t as high as other golf watches, this one is one of our favorites. The S4 is feature-rich and yet so easy to use. It has a dedicated green view button and a wonderful touchscreen that allows for easy manual pin positioning. The scorecard and stats are easy to input and it can measure your shots. If you have an iphone, you even get notifications on your watch with very little interruption to your game.

Rating: grsScore  
Weight: 2.06 oz.   Legal: Yes

Garmin S4 Golf Watch
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Garmin Vivoactive HRRead Full Review

The Vivoactive HR is a multi-sport fitness tracking smartwatch that includes golf GPS, running, biking, swimming, rowing, and skiing. Of course you can get your smartphone notifications on it as well. The 24/7 heart rate monitoring makes it really appealing to fitness enthusiasts.

Rating: grsScore  
Weight: 1.68 oz.   Legal: Yes

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Garmin Vivoactive HR
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Garmin vivoactiveRead Full Review

The Garmin vivoactive looks like it will make a solid golf watch with distances to the front, middle and back of every green, plus layup yardages and doglegs. This watch is best for golfers who are interested in more than just a golf watch. It will serve runners, cyclist, swimmers, walkers and anyone wanting to track steps and activity. It’s a powerful smartwatch with Garmin’s proven experience.

Rating: grsScore  
Weight: 1.34 oz.   Legal: Yes

Garmin vivoactive
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Callaway GPSy Golf WatchRead Full Review

Rating: grsScore
Weight: N/A oz.   Legal: N/A

TomTom GolferRead Full Review

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.87 oz.   Legal: Yes

Voice Caddie T1 WatchRead Full Review

Voice Caddie has quietly been producing quality golf GPS devices for a few years now. Unfortunately, the early ratings don’t look good for the T1 watch. Right now there are too many good golf watches on the market to take a chance on this one.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 2.19 oz.   Legal: N/A

GolfBuddy Ladies LD2Read Full Review

The GolfBuddy LD2 is the only golf GPS watch we know of that is truly designed as a ladies golf watch. It gets high marks for appearance, as well as accuracy, ease of use, and screen readability. Unfortunately, we saw a fairly high number of users who experienced problems with the watch and poor customer service in resolving their issues. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a nice looking ladies golf watch, this is your only option. If you’re a little bit lucky, you won’t have any issues with it and you’ll love it. If you’re a little unlucky, you might have to return it and try again or struggle with GolfBuddy customer service to get the issue resolved.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1 oz.   Legal: Yes

SkyCaddie LINXRead Full Review

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.6 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy BB5Read Full Review

Rating: grsScore
Weight: N/A oz.   Legal: N/A

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS WatchRead Full Review

The Bushnell Excel golf watch takes a step in a new direction from previous Bushnell golf watches. The extremely popular Bushnell Neo Ion, as well as earlier models, are not loaded with features but perform extremely well at providing what most golfers want – distances to the front/middle/back of the green and hazards.

The Excel tries to merge that concept of simplicity with some added features by adding Bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone or Android phone and providing a free full-featured golf GPS app to go with it. You can now get course updates through the app and get notifications from your phone, right on your watch. You can also use the swing metrics feature to analyze your swing and review the data on the app. You’ll also find weather information and a step counter on this watch. We’re looking forward to seeing how this watch performs in the real world!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.6 oz.   Legal: Yes

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  1. Toni Umphreyville says:

    how do I get a replacement watchband for the neo ion model.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      Hi, Toni. I haven’t found any replacement bands online, so I would suggest contacting Bushnell directly:
      US Customers
      Toll free: 800-423-3537
      Phone: 913-752-3400
      Monday-Thursday, 7 AM to 7 PM and Friday 7 AM to 5 PM, all times CST.

      If you are not in the US, here is their Contact page:http://www.bushnell.com/global/customer-service/contact-us

      Please come back here and let us know if you have any luck with Bushnell. I know other users will be asking.

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