Talking GPS Rangefinder

We’ve been waiting for the first talking GPS rangefinder to be available since the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, and the wait is finally over. It’s not the SkyKap Advisor that we expected, but rather a new entry in the talking golf GPS market from Golf Buddy.

The Golf Buddy Voice comes preloaded with 40,000 golf courses, never has any fees and is about as small as any golf GPS we’ve seen. While the ideal candidate for this device is the player who struggles with reading the displays of other golf GPS devices, we think it will likely appeal to a much broader audience due to its size and features. We already know that Golf Buddy has a proven track record and can’t wait to see the feedback for this talking GPS rangefinder. For more details check out our full Golf Buddy Voice Review.

The first talking golf GPS rangefinder was introduced at 2011 PGA Merchandise Show by SkyKap LLC, apparently never made it into the stores. We’re so happy to see the Golf Buddy Voice to fill this important gap.