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It’s been over 10 years since GolfBuddy released its first talking GPS rangefinder for golf. They have continued to dominate this corner of the golf rangefinder market, releasing new models with incremental improvements regularly. There are a few other competitors since then, so check out our picks below for the best talking GPS Rangefinder.

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GolfBuddy VoiceXRead Full Review

We’ve been a fan of the GolfBuddy Voice line of GPS rangefinders for a long time. Each new iteration seems better than the one before and we hope that holds true for the new GolfBuddy VoiceX. The VoiceX adds quite a few features and a design change. Our favorite new feature is the automatic course update via Bluetooth and your smartphone. We also like the Big Numbers mode and manual pin positioning capability. Additionally, the new activity tracker could be a hit with walkers and runners. Watchband is available separately.

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Weight: N/A oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy Voice 2Read Full Review

Every time GolfBuddy comes out with a new Voice model, it seems to get a little bit better. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 makes a huge leap with extended battery life. It boasts 14 hours which makes it the first one to be able to make it thru three 18-hole rounds. They’ve also added a choice of male and female voices. It’s water resistant, has distances to the front, middle, and back of each green, and a shot measuring feature. The watch band can be ordered separately on Amazon.

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Weight: 1.02 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy VoiceRead Full Review

The GolfBuddy Voice is a terrific golf GPS device. However, GolfBuddy has newer models with better battery life, excellent ratings, and a similar price. For that reason, we recommend you check out the latest from GolfBuddy.

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Weight: 1 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy Voice
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Voice Caddie VC300Read Full Review

The Voice Caddie VC300 is impressive in presentation. It’s a small voice guided golf GPS providing distance to the front, middle and back of every green. It has shot measuring and a swing tempo metronome for practice. It’s a swipe and click device with a great voice!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: .8 oz.   Legal: Yes

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