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Below are our picks for the Best Golf Watches currently on the market. Different features appeal to different types of players, so take a look at our top six golf watches below and a few new ones that might be worth a look as well. These are all great watches, so pick the one that has the features and price that fit you best!

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Best Golf GPS Watches
(Full-featured: Yardages + Hole View Graphics)
Garmin S4 Golf WatchRead Full Review

In our opinion, this is the best golf watch for the money that has a scorecard and can track your stats. The S4 is feature-rich and yet so easy to use. It has a dedicated green view button and a wonderful touchscreen that allows for easy manual pin positioning. It can measure your shots and even show your iPhone notifications with very little interruption.

Review Score: 4.15        Slope: N/A

Garmin S4 Golf Watch
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Bushnell neo-XS Golf WatchRead Full Review

Bushnell already had the smallest and lightest golf watch on the market with the highly rated neo-x, but they are going even smaller and lighter with the neo xs. They’ve also added more targets per hole, but kept the same simple user interface. Another golf GPS watch from Bushnell that will be hard to beat!

Review Score: 4.26        Slope: N/A

Bushnell neo-XS Golf Watch
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Garmin Approach S6Read Full Review

The most feature-rich golf GPS watch on the market. It’s the fairway views that make this watch worth the extra money. If you’re standing on the tee of a dogleg with bunkers near your landing zone, it’s really nice to know how far the trouble is. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering for those who play unfamiliar courses frequently.

Review Score: 3.74        Slope: No

Garmin Approach S6
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Garmin Approach S3Read Full Review

We love the touchscreen, distances to layups, shot measuring and scorecard. When we saw the price dip below $200, we couldn’t believe it! You’re definitely getting some bang for your buck here. If simplicity is more your style, the Garmin S1 or the Bushnell NEO-X might be a better fit.

Review Score: 4.19        Slope: No

Garmin Approach S3
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GolfBuddy VS4Read Full Review

GolfBuddy has been leading the way in the basic and Voice categories of Golf GPS for several years now. The VS4 is the latest model and adds water resistance as the only upgrade we can see from the GolfBuddy Voice+. In an easy to use package, you get front, middle and back distances, dynamic green view and shot measuring. The watchband is not included with this model, but it is available as an accessory. As you wold expect, the early reviews are excellent.

Review Score: 4.62        Slope: No

GolfBuddy VS4
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Garmin Approach S1 WatchRead Full Review

The Garmin S1 was the first golf GPS watch to hit the mainstream and its ratings are amazing. It’s still a solid performer at a terrific price, but be sure to check out the our current list of Best Golf Watches. Both are newer, smaller and have distances to hazards.

Review Score: 4.48        Slope: No

Garmin Approach S1 Watch
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  1. william storck says:

    I have a garmin s-1 approx. yrs old. The plastic band (solid with watch) has broken off from the watch. interested in a brand that has a replaceable band.

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