Best Golf Watch

Below are our picks for the Best Golf Watches currently on the market. Different features appeal to different types of players, so take a look at our top six golf watches below and a few new ones that might be worth a look as well. These are all great watches, so pick the one that has the features and price that fit you best!

You may also want to use our Personalized Selection Quiz to find the best golf GPS for your budget and style of play.

Best Golf GPS Watches:

  1. Garmin S4 Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    The Garmin Approach S4 is currently our favorite golf watch. It is intuitive and simple to use and yet has some wonderful features. Our favorites: 1)the scorecard and stats are super easy and quick; 2)the dedicated green view button and excellent touchscreen make seeing the green shape and manually setting the pin location very easy; 3)Everything you need is handy, so there’s no disruption to your round, even if you have it set up to get notifications from your iPhone!
  2. Bushnell neo-XS Golf Watch – Read Full Review
    The Bushnell NEO XS is our pick for the best value in a golf watch. It’s not as slick as the Garmin touchscreen watches and it doesn’t have a scorecard or stats, but if you don’t need all that and are looking for distances to the front, middle and back of the greens plus up to four hazards per hole, this is the watch for you!
  3. Bushnell NEO-X Watch – Read Full Review
    The Bushnell NEO watches are an amazing value. Both the NEO-X and the NEO-XS come preloaded with over 30,000 golf courses and never have any fees. They provide distance to the front middle and back of every green. The NEO-X costs a little less and has distances to up to two hazards per hole. The NEO-XS has up to four hazards per hole. Both are easy to use and are priced very reasonably.
  4. Golf Buddy Voice+ – Read Full Review
    The GolfBuddy Voice+ can be used with a clip for your visor or belt or with the included watch band. The ratings for this little device are outstanding, probably due to its simplicity and versatility. The 10 hour battery life is nothing to sneeze at either. If you’re likely to play in the rain, you may want to consider the newer GolfBuddy VS4. It’s almost identicaly, but it’s waterproof!
  5. Garmin Approach S3 Watch – Read Full Review
    The Garmin S3 is one slick golf watch and the reduced price makes it all the more fun. It has a touchscreen with distances to the front, middle and back, plus layups. It has manual pin positioning, shot measuring and a scorecard. As will all Garmin golf devices, there are never any annual fees.
  6. Garmin Approach S1 Watch – Read Full Review
    Prior to the release of the Garmin Approach S1, all of the successful golf GPS products were handheld devices. The highly rated S1 became so popular that golf watches began to flood the market. The Garmin S1 is still a great basic golf watch that gives distances to the front, center and back of every green with no hassle, but it’s no longer the only game in town. Check out the Bushnell watches, as well as the newer Garmin models.

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