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Our best golf watch list is based on a user ratings from around the web. Different features appeal to different types of players, so take a look at our top six golf watches below and a few new ones that might be worth a look as well. These are all great watches, so pick the one that has the features and price that fit you best!

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#1 Garmin Approach S1 WatchRead Full Review

The Garmin S1 was the first golf GPS watch to hit the mainstream and its ratings are amazing. It’s still a solid performer at a terrific price, but be sure to check out the Bushnell neo-X and neo-XS. Both are newer, smaller and have distances to hazards.

Review Score: 4.48 (1285 ratings)

#2 Bushnell NEO-X WatchRead Full Review

The Bushnell neo-x golf claims to be smaller and lighter than the Garmin golf watches. It has distances to front, middle and back, plus up to two hazards per hole. It’s probably the best value in a golf watch, but if you’re looking for even more hazard information, check the newer Bushnell neo-XS.

Review Score: 4.44 (293 ratings)

#3 Garmin Approach S2Read Full Review

The Garmin S2 offers doglegs, layup yardages and a digital scorecard. It gets excellent ratings, but if the scorecard isn’t important to you, also check the Bushnell neo-X watch and the Bushnell neo-XS, which both give distances to hazards.

Review Score: 4.39 (212 ratings)

#4 Bushnell neo-XS Golf WatchRead Full Review

Bushnell already had the smallest and lightest golf watch on the market with the highly rated neo-x, but they are going even smaller and lighter with the neo xs. They’ve also added more targets per hole, but kept the same simple user interface. Another golf GPS watch from Bushnell that will be hard to beat!

Review Score: 4.30 (62 ratings)

#5 Garmin S4 Golf WatchRead Full Review

This is the golf GPS watch for those who want it all. Besides having tons of courses preloaded, green distances and layup distances, it’s got a touchscreen that allows manual pin positioning, scorecard and stats. And for those who want to be “connected” all the time without looking at their smartphones every few minutes… this watch can display email and text messages plus other notifications from an iPhone.

Review Score: 4.26 (77 ratings)

#6 Izzo Swami Golf Watch (v.2)Read Full Review

Izzo makes great basic golf GPS devices at low prices. This model was released in late 2013 and would seem to compete directly with the Garmin S1. However, the Izzo has a handy scorecard feature, which was a complaint for some users of the S1. Although this watch seems very durable, we would like to see Izzo increase their warranty period from 90 days to a year.

Review Score: 4.26 (28 ratings)

New Golf Watches (no rating yet) Buy on Amazon
Voice Caddie T1 WatchRead Full Review

Voice Caddie has quietly been producing quality golf GPS devices for a few years now and we’re looking forward to seeing if the T1 measures up to the competition. The swing tempo feature is totally unique and could make this budget priced golf watch a real contender.

Garmin Approach S6Read Full Review

The most feature-rich golf GPS watch on the market. Fairway views, green views and swing metrics added to Garmin’s already successful formula for awesome golf watches makes this a truly exciting watch for the golfers who love gadgets and working on improving their games.

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