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Best Budget Golf GPS piggy bankBelow are our top picks for the best budget golf GPS devices. Although you won’t find any units that have full hole graphics in this category, several models have hazard information, manual pin positioning, and/or a scorecard feature. To be honest, this is the GPS category we recommend for most golfers.

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Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPSRead Full Review

We had high expectations for the Bushnell Neo Ghost and about 80% of users love it. Unfortunately, about 20% of users were unhappy. It seems there are more defective units than is typical from Bushnell. This is an excellent value, but if you happen to be the unlucky one who gets the lemon, you’ll have to go through the hassle of returning it. If you’re not up for the risk, check out our picks for Best Golf GPS!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: N/A oz.   Legal: Yes

Garmin Approach G10Read Full Review

It looks like Garmin is going to give GolfBuddy some real competition in the small clip-on category of golf GPS devices. The Garmin Approach G10 doesn’t provide audible distances, but it does offer green views and manual pin placement in addition to distances to the front, middle, and back of every green. It also has a scorecard feature with stats. We particularly like that you can use it with Garmin Connect for online game analysis and record keeping. The price is competitive and the reviews are very good.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1 oz.   Legal: Yes

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf WatchRead Full Review

Although Bushnell is known for their laser rangefinders, they really seemed to have nailed it in the golf watch category as well. They have figured out that what a majority of golfers want is not bells and whistles, but simply a comfortable golf watch that is easy to use and provides distances to greens and hazards. The Neo Ion brings the same winning formula to a smaller, lighter, and better looking golf GPS watch. Best of all, the battery life will easily go three full rounds!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.8 oz.   Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy Voice 2Read Full Review

GolfBuddy just keeps building on a winning theme. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 claims 14 hours of battery life. That’s four hours more than the GolfBuddy VS4! It’s water resistant, has the choice of male or female voice, and of course provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. It’s available in three different colors as well. The wristband can be ordered separately on Amazon.

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 1.02 oz.   Legal: Yes

Izzo Swami 5000Read Full Review

The Izzo Swami 5000 is a value priced golf GPS with large easy to read numbers. It provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, plus to distances to hazards on every hole. It also allows you to keep score and saves scorecards for one player. This unit is brightly colored and truly fits in the palm of your hand. The Izzo Swami handheld models are really in a category of their own. On one hand, there are GPS models with similar features, but they tend to be very small. On the other hand, there are models that are similarly sized, but they are usually more expensive and have full hole views. If you need big numbers or if you ride in a cart, we think this is an excellent choice!

Rating: grsScore
Weight: 2.7 oz.   Legal: Yes

Izzo Swami 4000+Read Full Review

Honestly, we love what the Izzo Swami 4000+ brings to the handheld golf GPS market. It’s really one of the only current models that is big enough to have large numbers. It’s got distance to the front, middle, and back on the main screen and hazards are only a button press away. The color screen makes it easy to tell the type of hazard. We love the price and the design of this model. We wish it would advance to the next hole without taking it onto the green or having to press the up key, but that’s minor considering the price!

Rating: grsScore  
Weight: 3.2 oz.   Legal: Yes

Izzo Swami 4000+
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