Garmin Golf GPS Reviews

It’s not secret that Garmin is the leader in golf GPS. Below is a summary of each of our Garmin golf GPS reviews with links to the full reviews and lowest prices.

Garmin Golf GPS Current Models
Garmin Approach G10Read Full Review

It looks like Garmin is going to give GolfBuddy some real competition in the small clip-on category of golf GPS devices. The Garmin Approach G10 doesn’t provide audible distances, but it does offer green views and manual pin placement in addition to distances to the front, middle, and back of every green. It also has a scorecard feature with stats. We particularly like that you can use it with Garmin Connect for online game analysis and record keeping. The price is competitive and the reviews are very good.

Review Score: 4.42        Slope: No

Garmin Approach S2Read Full Review

The Garmin S2 offers doglegs, layup yardages and a digital scorecard. It gets excellent ratings, but if the scorecard isn’t important to you, also check the Bushnell Neo Ion watch which is newer and also provides distances to hazards.

Review Score: 4.41        Slope: N/A

Garmin Approach G6Read Full Review

Pre-loaded, no fees and excellent user reviews. Definitely our first choice in a full-featured golf GPS. The color screen is bright in any light conditions. The touchscreen allows you to get distance to any point on a hole. The battery life is excellent and the unit is compact and easy to use. The price is the reason we put it at the top of our list!

Review Score: 4.2        Slope: No

Garmin Approach S20Read Full Review

Review Score: 4.2        Slope: N/A

Garmin Approach G8Read Full Review

If you have the budget for this one and no great love for your PC, the ability to update courses via Wifi will be a real bonus. The “Plays Like” distance that calculates using changes in elevation is something we think many golfers will enjoy along with the club recommendations. If you have an iPhone and having messages and notifications on your golf GPS, appeals to you, the G8 or the G7 will serve you well.

Review Score: 4.18        Slope: both

Garmin Approach G7Read Full Review

Garmin added a few features to it’s very successful G6 and the G7 was born. If you like the idea of having a “Plays Like” distance that adjusts for elevation and club recommendations based on your hitting distances and/or if you like getting text messages, emails and notifications from your iPhone, then you’ll find this a worthwhile investment. If not, the G6 or the G8 may be more to your liking.

Review Score: 4.17        Slope: both

Garmin Approach X40Read Full Review

Review Score: 4.1        Slope: N/A

Garmin S4 Golf WatchRead Full Review

In our opinion, this is the best golf watch for the money that has a scorecard and can track your stats. The S4 is feature-rich and yet so easy to use. It has a dedicated green view button and a wonderful touchscreen that allows for easy manual pin positioning. It can measure your shots and even show your iPhone notifications with very little interruption.

Review Score: 4.06        Slope: N/A

Garmin vivoactiveRead Full Review

The Garmin vivoactive looks like it will make a solid golf watch with distances to the front, middle and back of every green, plus layup yardages and doglegs. This watch is best for golfers who are interested in more than just a golf watch. It will serve runners, cyclist, swimmers, walkers and anyone wanting to track steps and activity. It’s a powerful smartwatch with Garmin’s proven experience.

Review Score: 4.0        Slope: N/A

Garmin Approach S6Read Full Review

The most feature-rich golf GPS watch on the market. It’s the fairway views that make this watch worth the extra money. If you’re standing on the tee of a dogleg with bunkers near your landing zone, it’s really nice to know how far the trouble is. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering for those who play unfamiliar courses frequently.

Review Score: 3.74        Slope: No

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