Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Below we have summarized all of our Bushnell golf rangefinder reviews. There is a reason why Bushnell is a leader in the golf industry… they make the easiest to use laser rangefinders on the market and they have a model to fit just about every budget and customer need. There are Bushnell models with Slope, without Slope, and even some that have Slope that can be switched off to make them legal under the USGA local rule.

Read our summaries below to see which one is right for you!

Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinders
Bushnell Pro X2Read Full Review

The new Bushnell Pro X2 looks like it will become Bushnell’s flagship laser rangefinder for golf. It replaces the highly rated Tour X with some very nice improvements. Like the Tour X, the Pro X2 has a Slope mode that can be turned to make it legal for competition. The improvement, allowed by the 2016 rules modification, puts a simple switch on the side of the rangefinder that toggles the Slope mode on or off. The Tour X required a less convenient faceplate change.

The Bushnell Pro X2 also moves the display toggle switch to the side of the unit for easier access. This allows you to switch from the standard black display to the red VDT display depending on conditions. It has 6x magnification, is fully waterproof, has Jolt technology that vibrates when it locks the pin, and ranges to within a half yard.

Rating: 4.77 (39 ratings)  Magnification: 6x  Slope: both
Weight: 8 oz.   Legal: Yes* When Slope Switch is turned off.

Bushnell Tour V4 ShiftRead Full Review

The Bushnell Tour V4 Shift is Bushnell’s response to the 2016 USGA and R&A local rule change that allows rangefinders with Slope to be used as long as Slope mode is disabled. We think this will likely become the best-selling slope ranegfinder on the market. Like it’s highly successful predecessors, it has Pinseeker for easily acquiring the flag over other objects; Jolt technology, so it vibrates when you have locked the target; and 5x magnification. Bushnell’s long history of producing the highest-rated laser golf rangefinders should also give you confidence in making this choice.

Rating: 4.38 (25 ratings)  Magnification: 5x  Slope: both
Weight: 5.6 oz.   Legal: Yes, if Slope Switch is Down (Off).

Bushnell Tour Z6 JoltRead Full Review

The Vivid Display Indicators™ makes it one of the easiest to read golf rangefinders on the market. The Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt has 6x and of course, Jolt technology which causes a vibration when you’ve locked onto the target. E.S.P. technology provides yardage faster and more accurately than ever before. This model has been discontinued but is still a top contender, so if you’re looking for a top of the line rangefinder without Slope, you might want to grab this before the supply gets low!

Rating: 4.69 (234 ratings)  Magnification: 6x  Slope: No
Weight: 8 oz.   Legal: Yes

Bushnell Tour V4 JoltRead Full Review

The Bushnell Tour V4 standard edition has two changes from it’s predecessor, the highly rated Bushnell Tour V3. The V4 is slightly smaller and has an easy-to-use focus ring. In previous years, we would expect this to become Bushnell’s top-seller, but this year we think the Slope version of this model will give it a run for its money. The reason is that the Bushnell Tour V4 with Slope has a switch that turns off the Slope mode, making it legal for most competitions as of 2016. If the price difference isn’t too much for your budget, we suggest taking a look at the Bushnell Tour V4 with Slope.

Rating: 4.64 (176 ratings)  Magnification: 5x  Slope: No
Weight: 6.6 oz.   Legal: Yes

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