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This is our Bushnell Tour V4 with Slope Review. If you are looking for the Standard model, see our Bushnell Tour V4 Review.

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope User Rating:
4.13 Stars 4.13 out of 5 (60 reviews)

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The Bushnell Tour V4 with Slope ushers in a new era in laser golf rangefinders. This is wholly the result of the USGA changing the rule about devices that measure conditions that are not allowed under the rules.

Here is a little history… Formerly, any device that measured anything that wasn’t allowed (such as Slope), was considered a violation of the rules. In an effort to make things easier for golfers who wanted to use Slope sometimes but not all the time, Leupold and Bushnell managed to get USGA approval of devices that could turn on the Slope feature by attaching a brightly colored faceplate. That way, it was easy for a rules official or fellow competitor to see if Slope was being used. (See Bushnell Tour X and Leupold GX-4i2)

Now, the USGA has made a provision that does allow these devices to be used, as long as those features that are against the rules are not used. The new rule doesn’t even require a faceplate or anything to make it obvious. It’s back to the honor system.

The problem for older rangefinders with Slope is they do not have the ability to turn off the Slope feature. Thus a new era arrives and the Bushnell Tour V4 is one of the first to add the ability to simply change the mode and turn off the Slope. It’s much easier and quicker than attaching a faceplate and likely less expensive to manufacture.

So back to our Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Review…
Although there isn’t really enough user feedback for us to do a full review, we LOVE the concept of a rangefinder with Slope that can be easily made legal. There are only two models that offer this option and it would be a toss-up between the two if not for the price difference. The Leupold GX-2i2 also has the simple method for turning the slope on or off and tends to be much less expensive. Both units have similar ratings, so at this point in time, we have to go with the lower priced model.

HOWEVER, if budget is not a big issue for you and you don’t mind changing a faceplate to get legal, we really recommend the Bushnell Tour X. It has some of the best reviews we’ve ever seen in a golf rangefinder which we believe is the result of the optional red numbers in the display and the ease of acquiring the target.

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Notable Features
  • Slope AND USGA Legal – The best of both worlds… Slope when you need it or turn it off when it’s not allowed.
  • PinSeeker with JOLT – provides short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag.
  • 5x Magnification – brings the target in closer.
  • Fast focus system – allows you to change the focus easily with your index finger.
  • Ergonomic design with Stabi-Grip technology – more comfortable and secure grip.
  • Water resistant – no worries if you play in the rain.
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 3-Volt CR2 battery and premium carry case included
Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Specifications

Model Bushnell Tour V4 Slope
Type laser
Slope both
Vibration y
Height 3.11 in.
Width 1.57 in.
Depth 4 in.
Weight 5.6 oz.
Battery 3 Volt CR2 Lithium
Battery Life est. 1 Year
Display LCD
Rainproof Yes
Magnification 5x
Maximum Range 1000
Minimum Range 5
Notes *This unit can be easily switched out of Slope mode to comply with the USGA local rule that allows distance measuring devices.
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes, with Slope mode turned off
GolfRangefinderShop.com Summary
The Bushnell Tour V4 differs from the extremely successful Tour V3 by adding a fast focus system and Stabi-Grip technology for a better grip. However, what we love the most is that the V4 Slope model offers and easy on/off switch for Slope, which makes it legal in events where the USGA local rule is in effect. Other models required you to change the faceplate to make it legal, but the V4 and the new Leupold GX-2i2 are the only two models that make this really easy.
We work very hard to obtain the correct information about product features, but cannot make any guarantees about the accuracy. Please double check with the merchant or manufacturer before making a purchase.

User Manual for Bushnell Tour V4 Slope

Replacement battery for Bushnell Tour V4 Slope

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