Bushnell V2 vs Z6

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Bushnell V2 vs Z6 Laser Rangefinders
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  • The Bushnell Z6 has Vivid Display Technology (bright red) which makes seeing the display easier in all lighting conditions. The V2 has the a monochrome LCD.
  • Bushnell V2 vs Z6

  • The Bushnell Z6 has a 6x magnification, where the V2 only has 5x.
  • The Z6 is accurate to 1/10 of a yard under 125 yards, where the Bushnell V2 is within one yard.
  • The Z6 can get distances up to 1,300 yards and the V2 up to 1,000 yards. Not sure who would need that information!
  • The Bushnell Z6 has E.S.P which is Extreme, Speed, Precision. Presumably, this makes it more likely to lock on to the right target more quickly than the V2.
  • The Z6 has an adjustable dioptor setting, which is not a feature of the Bushnell V2.
  • The Z6 appears to have more protection from the rubber armored metal housing.
  • The Bushnell Z6 has a premium lens coating which is supposed to improve the optical quality
  • Although both are rainproof, the Z6 is IPX7 rated, which means you can leave it in a puddle for up to a half hour
Both the Bushnell V2 and the Bushnell Z6
Bushnell V2 vs Z6 Side by Side Features
Model Bushnell Tour V2 Bushnell Tour Z6
Price Regular Price $539.95
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Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Regular Price $561.95
Today $309.99

Bushnell Tour Z6 Tournament Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Type retire Laser
GRS Score 4.57
(440 Ratings)
(56 Ratings)
Height 2.8 in. 2.9 in.
Width 1.6 in. 1.3 in.
Depth 4.3 in. 4 in.
Display Type LCD VDT
Weight 6.6 oz. 8 oz.
Battery 3 volt lithium 3 Volt CR2 Lithium
Battery Life approx. 12 mos. N/A
Rainproof Yes Yes
Water Resistant N/A 100%
Magnification 5x 6x
Minimum Range 5 5
Maximum Range 1000 1,300
Slope No No
USGA Compliant (local rule) Y/N Yes

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