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Callaway XHot
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One of the most striking things about our Callaway XHot Rangefinder Review was how many users thought it was a great value. All laser rangefinders get loads of comments about the accuracy and that was also true with the X-Hot, but add to that, comments about ease of use and excellent price and you know you’ve got a winner.

Callaway XHot User Rating: 4.46 Stars 4.46 out of 5 (28 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.

Below we list all of the pros and cons mentioned by users in our review, but first here’s a look at some of the noteworthy features:

  • Long Eye Relief and folding rubber eyecup for eyeglass-wearers
  • 6X magnification with focusing eyepiece
  • Scan mode for up to 8 seconds
  • Waterproof -filled with nitrogen gas, sealed with O-rings
Most Mentioned Pros
90.5% of comments were positive.
  • accurate (19.05%)
  • value (12.70%)
  • easy to use (12.70%)
  • improves game (7.94%)
  • exact distance to any visible target (6.35%)
  • quality (3.17%)
  • lightweight (3.17%)
  • LCD clarity (3.17%)
  • small size (3.17%)
  • acquires distance quickly (3.17%)
  • 1/2 yard increments (3.17%)
  • works in all weather conditions (1.59%)
  • First Priority Targeting (1.59%)
  • simplicity (1.59%)
  • convenient (1.59%)
  • durability (1.59%)
  • legal (1.59%)
  • 6x magnification (1.59%)
  • speeds up play (1.59%)
Most Mentioned Cons
9.5% of comments were negative.
  • defective (3.17%)
  • target uncertainty (1.59%)
  • difficult to keep steady (1.59%)
  • difficult to use with sunglasses (1.59%)
  • difficult to lock on long distances (1.59%)
Callaway XHot Rangefinder Features and Specifications
Callaway XHot
Slope No
Vibration N
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 2.7 in. x 1.5 in. x 5.1 in.
Weight 6.3 oz.
Battery 3 volt CR2 lithium
Battery Life N/A
Display LCD
Rainproof Yes
Magnification 6x
Maximum Range 550
Minimum Range N/A
Notes Long Eye Relief and folding rubber eyecup for eyeglass-wearer. Focusing diopter by simple twisting action. Waterproof - filled with nitrogen gas, sealed with O-rings.
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
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  1. does it measure it metres?

  2. Can you help me decide. BUshnell v3 patriot pack or callaway Xhot!

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      If you’ve never used a rangefinder before, I would suggest the Bushnell V3. If you’re are already comfortable using a laser rangefinder, the the XHot will likely serve you very well and save you some money.

  3. Thanks for the input. Will decide soon. your website is a big help especially for first time buyers like me.

  4. Do I need to remove the hot shot battery when not using to slow down battery drain?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      I don’t know how much the battery life is affected, but the manual states that the “battery should be removed when exhausted or during extended periods of non-use”. I’ve also read that for prolonged storage of these batteries, it is advisable to store them with about a 40% charge. I hope your off-season isn’t too long!

  5. I have a Callaway X Hot rangefinder from Nikon and I was playing golf today and after I shot the distance on the #10 hole it will not turn back on. I took the battery out and put it back in but nothing turned it back on. I am going to buy a new battery and try that tomorrow but I was wondering if there is anything that I can try that you know of. Thanks Richard

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      Hi Richard.

      A couple of things to try:
      1) take the battery out and press the ranging button a few times. Then replace the battery.
      2) one user suggested that leaving the battery cap a little less than fully tightened worked.

      Let us know if you find a solution that works. Good luck.

  6. I cannot open the battery cover and I can’t find a retailer who stocks the calloway Xhot range finder

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      Hi Fred. Unfortunately, Callaway quit making rangefinders, so you won’t find them on the shelves anymore. This is from the manual:
      To open the battery chamber cover – Using the ball of the thumb or a coin in the recessed part of the battery chamber cover, rotate the cover following the Open/Close
      arrow indicator. It may not open easily due to its rubber packing for water resistance.

      If that doesn’t help, you might be able to get some help from Nikon.

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