Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinder

Best Hybrid Golf RangefinderIt’s easy to be the best hybrid golf rangefinder when there isn’t much competition and that’s been true of this corner of the market for a long time. Honestly, we love the concept, but it hasn’t really gained traction. Perhaps golfers who want both laser and GPS are actually buying one of each. Check out our Budget-Friendly Laser and Budget-Friendly Golf GPS picks and you might find it’s less expensive than buying a hybrid golf rangefinder.

Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinder
Callaway Hybrid LaserRead Full Review

We’ve always loved the idea of a laser and GPS unit in a single device. Our favorite feature on this model is that it has one battery for laser and one for GPS. That means that if one is not working, the other can still be used. The laser battery should last for months, but even if it does die, you can keep a spare in the bag.

Rating: grsScore  Magnification: 6x
Weight: 7.6 oz.   Legal: Yes

Callaway Hybrid Laser
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