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Our TecTecTec VPRO500 review is based on a hands-on test and the feedback of over 100 users. We track the pros and cons mentioned to see if there are common threads to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of every product we review.

TecTecTec VPRO500 User Rating:
4.50 Stars 4.50 out of 5 (848 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.

After our hands-on testing of this unit, we can confirm that it’s our pick for the best value in a laser golf rangefinder. Oftentimes, we have found less expensive rangefinders don’t lock onto distant targets very easily, but that is not the case with the TecTecTec VPRO500.

We found it easy to use even at very long distances. Changing from Scan to Pinsensor mode was simple, as was changing from yards to meters. It feels well built and it has larger numbers than most rangefinders. We give this model a big thumWith a price point this low and hundreds of five-star reviews, you would be crazy not to consider buying the TecTecTec VPRO500 laser rangefinder.

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Below is our summary of the common themes we learned when considering user feedback.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Review Summary – PROS
  • Accuracy – This is by far the most frequently mentioned comment by users. That is typical in laser rangefinders because unless you have a defective model, they are all accurate to within two yards.
  • Price – It’s not a surprise that users love the price. It’s by far the least expensive, highly rated laser rangefinder on the market.
  • Ease of Use – Although this is the third most mentioned comment on the PROS list, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s the top complaint as well. There are twice as many who say it’s easy to use as there are those on the other side, but this is typically where we see negative comments in all laser rangefinders. Generally what users are describing is that it is difficult to hit the correct target and feel confident in the distance. It is our belief that if you have a reasonably steady hand and a little patience, you can probably learn to use any laser rangefinder. If you don’t, you probably want to step up to one of the rangefinders that we have rated at over 4.6. Those are the ones that have proven themselves easiest to use.
  • Another common thread was that the TecTecTec V500Pro measured up to the name brands very well.
  • The size, weight, and grip were also mentioned as a positive over and over again.
  • Here are a few other positive comments that we saw mentioned fairly frequently: improves your game; good customer service; well-built; scan mode; and clarity.
TecTecTec VPRO500 Review Summary – CONS
  • Ease of Use – As mentioned above, this is the observation that sets a top laser rangefinder apart from one that is really good. Although the TecTecTec VPRO500 gets many compliments on being easy to use, it also gets some negative comments. (We still think that it measures up to other big name rangefinders with similar specifications.)
  • Other occasionally mentioned negative themes were: it didn’t measure up to the competition; quality; and customer service. One thing we noticed in reading reviews is that every negative review received a response from TecTecTec with an email address encouraging the user to reach out to the company. We don’t know what follow-up was like after that point, but it seems worth mentioning that their customer service department is at least being proactive.

To be honest, the reviews impressed us enough that we’ve decided it’s worthy of a hands-on review comparison with Bushnell and Callaway. We’ll let you know the results!

Note: This device is also available with Slope.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Features and Specifications

Model TecTecTec VPRO500
Type Laser
Slope No
Vibration n
Height 2.8 in.
Width 1.6 in.
Depth 4.1 in.
Weight 6.6 oz.
Battery CR-2 Lithium 3V
Battery Life N/A
Display N/A
Rainproof Yes
Magnification 6x
Maximum Range 540
Minimum Range N/A
Notes Besides Pinseeker Mode, which gives the available distance between you and the closest object, this model also has Scan & Distant Target Priority Mode which displays the furthest object in the field.
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
GolfRangefinderShop.com Summary
It’s the combination of price and performance that puts the TecTecTec VPRO500 at the top of our list. It used to be that it felt safer to go with a well-known brand when you bought a golf rangefinder. However when there are over 800 hundred reviews for a product and over 75% of them are 5 Stars, those concerns can be easily dismissed. Well, actually we had to see it to believe it. We purchased it from Amazon and put it to the test. We were not disappointed. It was super easy to lock on the flag, even from long distances. The unit was compact, but the numbers were large and easy to read. There are other rangefinders that have features we like, including Bushnell’s Jolt feature and several high-end models with red display numbers. However, for the money, the VPRO500 is tops!
We work very hard to obtain the correct information about product features, but cannot make any guarantees about the accuracy. Please double check with the merchant or manufacturer before making a purchase.

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