Top 10 Reasons to Use a Laser Golf Rangefinder

Here is our list of the top reasons to use a laser golf rangefinder or GPS.

Golf sprinkler head yardage marker on Flickr

  1. To speed up play, so you’re not always searching for yardage markers
  2. So you will know your exact distance to the target every time
  3. Knowing the exact distance you are from the target, will help you learn more about how far you really hit it, which will definitely help you choose the right club
  4. When in unfamiliar territory on a golf course, a golf rangefinder can give you distance to targets that will help you avoid mistakes. For instance on the tee shot of a dogleg, you can use the laser to get distance to a tree on the far side of the corner, so you know how much of the corner to cut or what club to use for a layup.
  5. To impress your golf buddies
  6. To see how far you have to fly to carry a hazard or even a greenside bunker
  7. Because the pros use laser
  8. Because the magnification in a laser rangefinder gives you a better look at what’s ahead. This is definitely helpful on golf courses you haven’t played before.
  9. Because the magnification makes it easier to admire a shot hit close to the pin from far, far away.
  10. Because you’ve never met a gadget you didn’t love!

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