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Best Deals We’ve Seen Today!
Garmin Approach S20Read Full Review

If you’re just looking for a golf GPS watch that gives distances to a variety of targets and nothing more, this probably isn’t the watch for you. However, if you’re a little bit of a geek, then this watch may be the one you’re looking for! The S20 combines smartwatch features of phone notifications, activity tracking, and sleep tracking with a golf watch loaded with features. The display is really clean and the main golf screen displays the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green plus the green shape. You can manually change the pin position for more precise distance. Distances to doglegs and the front and back of hazards is a button press away. Not only is there a scorecard, but the S20 can automatically track all of your full shots. On Garmin Connect, you can see your full hole graphic locations of your shots, distances, and clubs used (not including putts). This watch also automatically gets any updates for courses you play regularly and it has excellent battery life. You may just want to make the Garmin S20 your full-time watch!

Rating: 4.25 (158 ratings)  Slope: N/A
Weight: 1.5 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Garmin Approach G10Read Full Review

The Garmin Approach G10 packs a lot into a very small package. Besides the expected distances to the front, middle, and back of every green, you’ll get the shape of the green and manual pin positioning. There’s also a scorecard with stats that can be uploaded to your Garmin Connect account, providing you with historical data and game analysis. We love the price and overall, user reviews are quite favorable.

Rating: 4.42 (97 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: 1 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Garmin Approach G8Read Full Review

The Garmin G8 is pretty much the ultimate golf GPS rangefinder. It has everything the Garmin G6 has, but with a sleeker design and several worthwhile new features. Until now, you could only find “slope” information on laser rangefinders. Garmin changes that with the G7 and G8, which both offer “plays like” distance that is adjusted for elevation, plus club recommendations based upon slope and your hitting distances. The G8 will also let you get notifications from your iPhone, which is a nice feature for some users, but we really love is that it has Wifi for updating golf courses.

Rating: 4.18 (113 ratings)  Slope: both
Weight: 3.97 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes, when Plays Like distance and Club Advice are turned off.

Callaway Hybrid LaserRead Full Review

We think a hybrid golf rangefinder is the best of both worlds. Laser is always dead-on accurate, but GPS can give you distance to the front, middle, and back of the green and even hazards that you can’t see. The early ratings on this are good and the price is quite reasonable, so if you’re interested in “having it all”, you will definitely want to check out the Callaway Hybrid.

Rating: 4.50 (8 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: 7.6 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPSRead Full Review

There is a a great chance that you’re going to love the Bushnell Neo Ghost. The only problem is that more users than is typical experienced serious problems with the device. We are estimating 15% of complaints were serious enough to merit returning the unit. On the other hand, we estimate that 80% of users LOVE their Ghost! If you’re up for taking a little risk, you might just end up with the best value in a golf GPS. If you’re not, check out our Best Golf GPS list!

Rating: 4.00 (426 ratings)  Slope: No
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