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We don’t guarantee that these prices will be as low as they were when we spotted them, but here are the products with the best deals we saw this morning.

Best Deals We’ve Seen Today!
Garmin Approach S2Read Full Review

The Garmin Approach S2 has been around for a long time now, but don’t discount it for that. Garmin continues to make this watch and the ratings are rock solid. The only edge we can give to the newer Bushnell Neo Ion is that it gives distances to hazards, where the S2 gives distances to dogleg layups and not so much to hazards.

Rating: 4.41 (924 ratings)  Slope: N/A
Weight: 1.8 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Garmin Approach G10Read Full Review

The Garmin Approach G10 packs a lot into a very small package. Besides the expected distances to the front, middle, and back of every green, you’ll get the shape of the green and manual pin positioning. There’s also a scorecard with stats that can be uploaded to your Garmin Connect account, providing you with historical data and game analysis. We love the price and overall, user reviews are quite favorable.

Rating: 4.42 (97 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: 1 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Bushnell MedalistRead Full Review

The Bushnell Medalist sits horizontally, making it ideal for two-handed use. Many players find that it’s easier to hold a rangefinder steady when two hands easily fit on the unit. We have love the Bushnell Medalist and have seen it outperform units with higher magnification and bigger price tags.

Rating: 4.52 (399 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: 9 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

Bushnell Neo GhostRead Full Review

There is a a great chance that you’re going to love the Bushnell Neo Ghost. The only problem is that more users than is typical experienced serious problems with the device. We are estimating 15% of complaints were serious enough to merit returning the unit. On the other hand, we estimate that 80% of users LOVE their Ghost! If you’re up for taking a little risk, you might just end up with the best value in a golf GPS. If you’re not, check out our Best Golf GPS list!

Rating: 4.00 (426 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: N/A oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes

GolfBuddy LR5S (Slope)Read Full Review

The early reviews on the GolfBuddy LR5 are really solid for a golf rangefinder with Slope in this price range. If you don’t need your rangefinder to be USGA local rule compliant, we highly recommend you consider. You would have to pay significantly more at this point to get a Slope rangefinder that has the required On/Off switch. We’re really excited to see GolfBuddy making inroads into the laser rangefinder market with some inexpensive, quality products. The GolfBuddy LR5 is the non-Slope version of this model. Note: This model is not legal under the USGA local rule. If you are looking to have both Slope and USGA compliance on a reasonable budget, check out the Leupold GX-2i2.

Rating: 4.55 (11 ratings)  Slope: Yes
Weight: 7.69 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): No

GolfBuddy LR5Read Full Review

With the LR5 having such a low price point, we expect to see GolfBuddy gaining traction in the laser golf rangefinder market. They’ve long been known in the golf GPS market. The LR5 offers 6x magnification and three modes of operation, just like most of the top models. Standard mode, Scan mode that continuously scans for 10 seconds to show distances to various targets, and Pin mode which continuously scans for 10 seconds and displays the distance to the closest target.

Rating: 4.30 (29 ratings)  Slope: No
Weight: 7.69 oz.   USGA Compliant (local rule): Yes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you buy anything after clicking through, we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!