Bushnell NEO-X GPS Watch Review

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With a price this reasonable and reviews this good, why wouldn’t you want to buy the Bushnell Neo-X GPS golf watch? The answer to the question isn’t the same for every golfer, but we can break it down for you fairly quickly…

Bushnell NEO-X Watch User Rating: 4.39 Stars 4.39 out of 5 (469 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.
  1. If you want a digital scorecard, this isn’t the watch for you. (Try the Garmin S3 or S4.)
  2. If you want more than two hazards per hole, this isn’t the watch for you. (Try the Bushnell Neo XS.)
  3. If you prefer a round face, this isn’t the watch for you. (Try any of those three watches in the first two bullet points!)

Otherwise, there’s no good reason not to buy the Bushnell Neo-X. It has 30,000 golf courses preloaded with distances to the front, middle and back of every green, plus easy access to hazard and layup distances. It’s got the usual Auto Course Recogition, Auto Hole Advance, Shot Measuring and Round Odometer. It’s also among the best when it comes to battery life and there are no membership fees or required downloads.

Review after review had almost nothing but high praise for one of the smallest and lightest golf GPS watches on the market. Over 88% of all the comments we read were positive. The top mentions were accuracy, ease of use and good battery life. Quite a few users mentioned that it was easy to read with big numbers. Overall, the negative comments were sparse and seldom repeated.

Bushnell NEO-X Watch Specifications
Bushnell NEO-X Watch
Course Download Fees No
Pre-loaded with Courses Yes
Full Hole Views Yes
Slope / Elevation No
Battery Life up to 16 hours
Battery Rechargeable
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 1.4 in. x 1.5 in. x .6 in.
Measure Shot Distance Yes
Screen Size N/A
Resolution N/A
Display Type N/A
Weight 1.8 oz.
Rainproof Waterproof
Touch Screen No
Touch Targeting No
Manual Pin Positioning No
Stat Tracker No
Digital Scorecard No
Computer Analysis Tools No
Ground Verified No
Alternate Targets Yes
Green Rotates to your shot angle N/A
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
Notes Odometer, Tee Time Start & Auto GPS Off
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User Manual for Bushnell NEO-X Watch

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  1. Thomas Greene says

    I have the neo x and it is a horrific product. On every course, there are at least three holes where the distances are overstated by 20 to 35 yards. The watch also freezes several times per round and is only detectable by walking 10 yards or so to see it stay at same number. Also, I compare it with others Garmins, sprinkler heads, and lasers and almost always find huge differences. Oh, did I mention that firmware updates are not available for Mac? Other than that, it’s great.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Thomas, sorry to hear your neo-X is such a disappointment. So many users are happy with this watch, that it seems unlikely that they overlooked such significant issues, which makes me think you probably have a defective watch. Have you contacted Bushnell to see if they will replace it? It is disappointing to learn that the firmware updates are not available for Mac users. I’ll have to look into that further. Thanks for sharing your experience and please let us know if you have any luck with Bushnell Customer Service. (800) 423-3537

    • I have same problem with it “freezing” and taking up to 2 minutes for it to become responsive again. Very annoying.

  2. I have NEO XS brought by my brother from US last May, discovered that no Philippine courses are pre loaded. I individually downloaded 34 courses and found out that the watch is full. Worse thing is my home course initially downloaded was erased, now the watch is for time use only. This is not a recommendable watch for use in the Philippines.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Ed. I’m sorry to hear you have had a problem with getting the golf courses you want. Have you tried Bushnell Customer service? I have to think there is a way around your problem. Let us know if you happen to come upon a solution.

  3. ajay anandd says

    Wanted to know which courses around New Delhi, India are covered in the Bushnell Neo x


  4. Riley Wulz says

    I purchased a Bushnell neo-xs in October 2014 and have had nothing but trouble with it. It is frequently off by as much as 30 yards and it will freeze on a yardage as many as 6 or 7 times per round. I called Bushnell and at their advice sent my neo-xs to them. They returned it to me with the message that they had tested it and there were no problems with it. I don’t know what they tested but it still performs as before. I am very disappointed with this product and Bushnell’s response. I should have purchased a Garmin.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Sorry to hear that Riley. It sounds like you got a lemon, but I can’t believe they didn’t replace it for you.

  5. Winston Ryan says

    Love my Bushnell. But it freeze up most of the time. Call customer service and they helped me to reset it. Still having the same problem. I am very frustrated!! Need help please….

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I can only suggest you persist with Bushnell Customer Support. Is it still under warranty?

  6. andrew henry says

    with so many complaints do you not think that Bushnell have a big problem with the neo x

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Andrew. I still think the neo-X was a good watch, but if you’re buying now, the Neo-XS is a better bet

  7. Thomas Sherlock says

    My dog chewed the band on my neo xs range finder. Can you send me another one, with instructions on how to fit to the watch? It’s black
    Ps: If you can’t help me please tell me where I might get the needed help

  8. malcolm s stuart says

    waste of time and money with this watch. i bought it new on e bay. the distances to my home course were not accurate. I was told to download the version to update the watch and use Bluetooth by the techy at Bushnell. I later learned from another tech , the watch does not have Bluetooth. (so much for techs being up to date on their products.) when i complained, I was told i could pay for an upgrade. i was scammed from the beginning by Bushnell. learn from me getting burned, and do not buy their products.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Malcolm, sorry to hear of your troubles. The Bushnell Neo-X hasn’t been manufactured for a very long time. You may still be able to update your watch on the iGolf website. On page 11 of the user manual, there are instructions for updating courses. The registration page is still there, but I have no idea if the updates are still available. Best of luck.

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