GolfBuddy Voice+ (Watch) Review

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GolfBuddy Voice+ Review…

Golf Buddy Voice+ User Rating: 4.36 Stars 4.36 out of 5 (80 reviews)

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The first thing we noted is that the watchband can be removed if you decide you don’t like wearing a watch when you play golf. We think that’s a plus if you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll like playing with a watch.

The Golf Buddy Voice+ (Watch) is very similar to it’s wildly popular predecessor, the GolfBuddy Voice. The most noticeable difference, of course, is that it comes with a watch band. There is a difference on the main screen as well. On the new model, you’ll see the distance to the center of the green in a large font and distances to the front and back beside it in a smaller font. To fit this on the screen, they’ve moved the dynamic green view to a different screen. Both models provide voice distance to the front, middle and back. Your preference for having the green shape on your main screen vs having distances to the front and back may be the determining factor for which of these two units you buy – since you can now buy watch bands for the GolfBuddy Voice. Personally, I use distance to the front and back far more frequently, so prefer the Golf Buddy Voice+ (Watch).

Golf Buddy Voice Features and Specifications
Golf Buddy Voice+
Course Download Fees No
Pre-loaded with Courses Yes
Full Hole Views Yes
Slope / Elevation N/A
Battery Life 10 hrs
Battery Li-Poly Recharge
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 1.68 in. x 1.68 in. x .443 in.
Measure Shot Distance Yes
Screen Size N/A
Resolution N/A
Display Type mono LCD
Weight .99 oz.
Rainproof N/A
Touch Screen No
Touch Targeting No
Manual Pin Positioning No
Stat Tracker No
Digital Scorecard No
Computer Analysis Tools No
Ground Verified No
Alternate Targets No
Green Rotates to your shot angle Yes
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
Notes provides distances with voice and digital display, has a removable wrist band, dynamic green view
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  1. LLoyd Wescoe says

    I have a golf buddy tour. When arriving at Myrtle Beach,, I noticed that when I put the device on for recharging the little red light did not come on. Does this mean I need to get a new battery? Will this create a problem with losing all the golf course statistics?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Lloyd. I wish I could help you with that, but it sounds like a question for GolfBuddy. Their Technical Support number is (888) 296-1428.

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