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SkyGolf is rolling out a new full-featured handheld golf GPS. Our SkyCaddie Touch Review will be up soon, but for now let’s take a look at how the features measure up to the competition.

SkyCaddie TOUCH User Rating: 3.80 Stars 3.80 out of 5 (58 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.
  • Bluetooth updates through your phone – Using an iPhone or Android smartphone app, you will have the ability to update your course maps whenever your phone is connected to the Internet. We haven’t seen this with any other brand and give a thumbs up for the idea.
  • Preloaded with 35,000 courses – this is the same as it’s competitors, except for the fact that SkyGolf charges you an annual fee to access those preloaded courses and other brands do not. SkyGolf claims to have better maps because they are “ground verified”, but to our knowledge there is no hard data that suggests that SkyCaddie maps are truly better.
  • 3″ high-resolution glove-friendly touchscreen – This is a nice size screen for a golf GPS with full hole views. It’s the same size as the latest Garmin models.
  • Interactive HoleVue™ – A fancy name for being able to get the full layout of the hole and allowing touch targeting to any point on the hole.
  • Patented IntelliGreen® Technology – The green view on the SkyCaddie TOUCH changes with your angle of approach. It is also quite detailed, showing bunker carries and green depth information. We’re not sure this isn’t information overload for most golfers, but we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Dynamic RangeVue™ – SkyCaddie will display multiple arcs on the screen showing possible layup distances and their locations. This handy feature will save you the time of touch targeting in some instances.
  • Auto Course Select – As with pretty much every golf GPS today, the SkyCaddie TOUCH will figure out where you are and show you the nearest golf courses.
  • Auto Hole Select– Another feature present on most units that moves to the next hole presumably while you are on your way there.
  • Auto Zoom – As you move forward on the hole, the hole view zooms with you.
  • Digital scorecard and stat tracking – The unit will store up to 20 rounds and the information can also be uploaded SkyGolf 360 for storage and interesting analysis.
  • Measure shot distance – Another feature found on most golf GPS devices, the SkyCaddie TOUCH allows you to measure any shot.

Although quite popular due to a big marketing budget, recent SkyCaddie models get only mediocre reviews. Hopefully the SkyCaddie TOUCH will be the model that breaks that trend. If the Bluetooth connectivity works well, it should be a big help, but we still don’t like the annual fees when there are other devices on the market with great ratings and no fees. Check out Garmin’s line of full featured golf GPS devices, for a no-fee solution.

SkyCaddie TOUCH Specifications
SkyCaddie TOUCH
Slope No
Vibration n
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 4 in. x 2.3 in. x .7 in.
Weight 3.8 oz.
Battery rechargeable Li-ion
Battery Life N/A
Display color
Rainproof N/A
Magnification N/A
Maximum Range N/A
Minimum Range N/A
Notes Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone app that allows for course updates and round uploads for analysis.
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
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  1. J Carruth says

    I have had my Touch for months. It has all the features described but they all work unreliably. The frustration level it causes is not worth the effort. Several times I have turned it off after a few holes after spending too much time fiddling with it and not playing golf or chatting with my group.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      J Carruth thanks for letting us know. Even for the full-featured models that work the best, you have to be careful not to get so involved with the device that you miss out on the joy of golf. For most users, full hole views is probably more information than it’s worth. Simple models with front, middle and back of the green information will get the job done most of the time.

  2. Jerry Odglen says

    My Sky Caddie was a gift from a very close friend giving it some sentimental value. I found it a frustrating device to use. I have more than enough computer skills to figure out how it works. Unfortunately it did take away a lot of the fun of golf getting it to respond quickly. I mostly play courses I’m familiar with so I know the layout but a quick check on yardage is a plus. Also the annual fee doesn’t match the competitors. When it worked well it was a joy. I was frustrated that I didn’t get any response with my last email almost 2 months ago. Absolutely no one to call. I Just took it out of my bag with a dead battery to try one more time. Thank you for letting me respond.

  3. Ron LeBreton says

    I had the SGX and went to the touch because the SGX was a pain. I can assure that the touch is no better, in this day and age the technology is primitive and unreliable. It’s like using an abacass when there are calculators available. Save your money and frustration don’t buy this. Horrible device.

  4. I just ordered this Touch, trading in my SGXw. From reading these reviews, I may have made a mistake, hope not.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Let us know how it works out!

    • Denis Barsalo says

      How did the Touch compare to the SGXw. The joystick device on my SGXw has died which makes the device a real pain to use now. It can still wort of work if it knows what hole I’m on but I can’t navigate menus or use it to score. I can upgrade for half price to a Touch, especially seeing how I still have a year left on my Eagle membership, plus I should get another free year with the device, so it may be worth it. But now I’m thinking of jumping ship and buying a Garmin.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      The reviews on the Skycaddie Touch aren’t that good and with fees, even if none for 18 months, I would recommend going with Garmin. If you want the full hole views, the Garmin Approach G8 or the Approach G30 are both great choices.

      Let us know what you decide!

    • The plug in wears out quickly 12-14 months warranty is gone. Had three of these every damn one of them did it. Customer service SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Touch is a poor replacement for the SGX. locating hazards is difficult if not impossible. lack of a joy stick makes it impossible to accurately locate pin placements, and when dealing with tech support .. well forget it. They’ll just pass you off to someone else just to get rid of you.

  6. My Skycaddie Touch is a pain. So are Skycaddie. My device stopped working but Skycaddie has no repair service. They would only send me a reconditioned replacement for 120 quid. I got it fixed by an online electronics company for 40 quid. It needed a new port for the charger plug. What a cheek. I would never buy one of their products again.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi John. So glad you were able to get it repaired. We’ve never been a big fan of Skycaddie due to the fees, but this gives us another reason to choose another brand. Thanks for letting us know.

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