Bushnell V3 vs Z6

Bushnell V3 vs Z6
The article below compares the Bushnell V3 vs Z6 however, both of these models have been retired. If you are looking for current models, check out our Best Laser Rangefinder list!

If you’re trying to decide between the Bushnell V3 vs Z6, there are a few key differences to think about. First, there’s a big price difference. The Bushnell Tour Z6 with Jolt costs significantly more than the Tour V3. For the difference, the Z6 better be pretty special…

Admittedly, there are a few features that we really like on the Z6.

  • The Z6 has a 6x magnification level vs the 5x on the V3.
  • The Z6 can range the flag at 450 yards, while the V3 can only hit it at 300 yds.
  • The Z6 has VDT (Vivid Display Technology) that displays the information in red, which is easier to read than the black found on the V3.
  • The Z6 has ESP (Extreme, Speed, Precision), which makes it faster and precise down to the half yard.
    1. Frankly, we love all of those features and if price wasn’t a factor, it would be an easy choice. Both models now have Jolt technology which causes a vibrating burst in the unit when you’ve locked on to the target, but the most important thing to know is that BOTH OF THESE LASER RANGEFINDERS ARE ACCURATE. The Bushnell V3 is one of the highest rated golf rangefinders ever and it weighs less than the Z6.

      Let’s just say that both of these rangefinders are excellent. The V3 is a better value, but the Z6 is a little easier to use, a little easier to read, and a little faster., Of course, if you’re a big hitter who needs to know those longer distances from time to time, the Z6 can deliver something that the V3 cannot – distances over 300 yards.

      If you’re trying to justify spending the extra money for the Z6, think about this… Golf Rangefinders can last a very long time and the improvements you’ll see in this technology over the next decade isn’t really going to change that much. So if you buy the Z6 and use it for 5 years, the difference in price per year is incredibly low. And if your eyes happen to deteriorate in that time, or if you start hitting it longer and are driving those par 4s, the extra money will have been especially well spent!

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