Best Legal Golf Rangefinders

Rules! Best Legal Golf RangefinderBelow are our picks for the Best Legal Laser Rangefinders available in . When we say "legal", we mean USGA compliant golf rangefinders. The rules changed in 2016 and some golf rangefinders with Slope (slope measures elevation) are now legal when the Slope feature is turned off.

Best Legal Golf Rangefinders
Bushnell Tour V5 - Read Full Review

Size, speed, and accuracy evolved with a new generation of tech — featuring PinSeeker with Visual JOLT, BITE Magnetic Mount, and next-level clarity and brightness.

Rating: 4.74 (510 ratings)  Magnification: 6x  Slope: No
Weight: 8 oz.   Legal: Yes
Bushnell Tour V5
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Precision Pro NX7 Pro - Read Full Review

Our initial hands-on experience with the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro has been excellent. It locks onto the flag very quickly and the unit vibrates immediately when it locks. It offers two modes, one with Slope and one without Slope. When in non-Slope mode, the unit is legal in events where rangefinders are permitted. It's simple to switch between the two modes, but not so simple that you're likely to do so accidentally. The price on this is much less than the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift, but the features and performance are very similar. The only thing missing on the NX7 Pro is the ability to check which mode you are in by looking at the side of the rangefinder. The NX7 Pro may also be slightly more difficult to use on hitting targets on the ground for layups, but the difference in price may make this easy to overlook.

Rating: 4.54 (3043 ratings)  Magnification: 6x  Slope: both
Weight: 5.45 oz.   Legal: Yes, with Slope Mode turned OFF.
Precision Pro NX7 Pro
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TecTecTec VPRO500 - Read Full Review

It's the combination of price and performance that puts the TecTecTec VPRO500 in our list of top rangefinders. It used to be that it felt safer to go with a well-known brand when you bought a golf rangefinder. However, when there are over 800 hundred reviews for a product and over 75% of them are 5 Stars, those concerns can be easily dismissed. Well, actually we had to see it to believe it. We purchased it from Amazon and put it to the test. We were not disappointed. It was super easy to lock on the flag, even from long distances. The unit was compact, but the numbers were large and easy to read. It was also easy to range other targets, including bunkers and the ground. The only performance issue we noticed is that it sometimes varies 3-4 yards when ranging the same target multiple times. For most golfers, that's not really a big issue, but other rangefinders in our top picks are typically more consistent. However, they are also more expensive. If that issue is a concern for you, check out our Best Laser Golf Rangefinders.

Rating: 4.50 (848 ratings)  Magnification: 6x  Slope: No
Weight: 6.6 oz.   Legal: Yes
TecTecTec VPRO500
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  1. Derrick Huber says

    Is the deko laser rangefinder model 5-600p legal for tournament use in golf?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Derrick. From the specs I see on it, it should be legal for use in any event that allows distance measuring devices.

      If you make a purchase from the link above, this website may earn a small commission. Thanks!

  2. Is the Precision Pro NX7 legal for tournament use? I was given on as a gift. It has 2 modes, one with slope enabled and another mode with slope function disabled?

    Thank you!! I sincerely appreciate your advice and help.


    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi MD. Thanks for contacting us! First, just to clarify, the “Precision Pro NX7” does not have Slope, but the “Precision Pro NX7 Pro” does. It is indeed legal as long as you make sure that Slope mode is turned OFF during the entire tournament round. The USGA/R&A 2016 rule change allowed rangefinders with Slope as long as Slope mode is turned off. If you want to learn more, see our post Is Your Golf Rangefinder Legal?,

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