Mobitee GPS Golf App Review

Our Mobitee GPS Golf App Review is based upon its performance on the iPhone 5 with OS 6.01 as well as our observations from iPhone user reviews.

The truth is that the overwhelming enthusiasm in the user reviews that I read made me a little suspicious. However after using the Mobitee Golf App myself, I can give it my personal thumbs up. It’s extremely robust in features and yet super simple to use.

What I liked:

  • Acquires distances very quickly.
  • Has over 34,000 courses in the database.
  • Distance to the front, middle and back of every green stays on the screen even when zooming or touching the screen to change your layup point.
  • The satellite images are very clear.
  • To see a flyover of a hole, it’s a single tap on the screen and one tap to get back to the hole view and distances.
  • You can actually download a course when it’s not even nearby and view every hole.
  • The shot tracking feature is easily utilized with a single tap on the icon in the bottom left corner.
  • The shot tracking integrates with club tracking feature, so you can record how far you hit your shots and specify the club. We think this is a great tool to utilize in practice so that you can learn how far you really hit your clubs. In the bottom left corner of the screen, Mobitee will also suggest a club based on your history.
  • Changing holes is as easy as tapping the hole number (bottom center of screen) and then tapping whatever hole number you want.
  • Choosing your own personal layup points couldn’t be easier. You can tap the screen where you think looks like a good layup point and it displays the distance to that point and then the remaining distance to the center of the green. I really like how the target point easily snaps back to the center of the green if you drag it near the flag.
  • You can change the flag location by zooming in on the green and tapping the location. The only thing I found a little difficult was that after I set my pin position, I sometimes had to move the image to be able to see the distance. Once I figure this out, it was not problem.
  • It’s simple to add putts to the scorecard and the scorecard can be stroke play or Stableford.
  • I noticed quite a few comments about how this app sucked less battery life than other golf GPS apps. I can’t speak to this for sure, as I always run into trouble with my battery life. That’s why I’m an advocate of having the Anker battery backup with me.

If there is anything missing from the Mobitee Golf GPS App, it’s tracking fairways hit and greens in regulation (GIR). I personally think tracking stats during a round, is distracting to most people and don’t feel this is negative. The last thing most golfers need are more distractions.

There is a “rangefinder mode” that sort of simulates the view of a laser rangefinder with distances to various targets, but I didn’t really see any advantage to using it. However some golfers might prefer viewing the hole through that lens.

In summary, I love the Mobitee golf app. For me, any type of golf rangefinder, whether laser or GPS, must be super easy to use and this does a great job. The price is extremely reasonable and includes endless updates. I feel confident recommending the Mobitee Golf GPS App.

Note: Mobitee did provide the app free of charge for us to review. Please know that we will ALWAYS give our honest opinion about every product on this site.


  1. Yeah i just try its trial version and now i am looking for full version but not paid just free apps. suggest me if u know where i get this.

  2. Harry De Schepper says

    It doesn’t work anymore, why ? I paid for premium

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