Clip-on Golf GPS Models

Clip-On Golf GPSThese Clip-On Golf GPS Models are incredibly popular. You can clip them to your visor, belt, pocket, or golf bag and have easy access to the distance you need when you need it!

All of these models have distance to the front, middle, and back of the greens, plus distances to hazards. Some include the shape of the green, scorecard and stat-tracking, and some models have audio/voice readings.

Best Clip-on Golf GPS
Bushnell Phantom 2 - Read Full Review

This is the perfect golf GPS for 95% of the golfers we serve. The large font and transreflective display make it easy to see in all conditions. The BITE magnet holds firmly to your cart or if you're walking, the included belt clip or carabiner make it easy to find distances when you need them. The new GreenView feature allows for more precise distance by selecting a pin position. This unit charges in under 3 hours and gets up to 18 hours of play. It's super simple to use right out of the box. And, we love that it's fully waterproof so you can leave it up on those rainy days!

Rating: 4.55  
Weight: 2.75 oz.   Legal: Yes
Bushnell Phantom 2
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Garmin Approach G12 - Read Full Review

As expected, Garmin impressed us with this feature-pack golf GPS device. The most exciting thing about the Garmin G12 is the 30-hour battery life! That doubles the battery life of the Garmin G10 and it's 10 hours more than the Bushnell Phantom 2. At this price point, this will be the deciding factor for many golfers. Others will choose this model to use with the Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System. The Garmin Approach G12 matches or exceeds the features of other golf GPS units in the same category. The price is a little bit higher, but if it's in your budget, the battery life, stat tracking, and analysis tools, make this worthy of your shortlist!

Rating: 4.48
Weight: .9 oz.   Legal: Yes
Izzo Swami 6000 - Read Full Review

The Izzo Swami 6000 has a colorful screen with LARGE easy-to-read distances to the front, middle, and back of every green. That alone makes this the ideal pick for anyone who might struggle to see the numbers on other golf GPS devices. Honestly, it's just nicer to look at than others in this price range. We're also impressed by the rave reviews on battery life. Izzo claims 16 hours and users seem to agree. Although the Swami 6000 has a built-in scorecard, users struggled to use it. If you don't record your score before heading to the next tee, it forwards to the next hole and you can't go back until you're 60 yards down the next fairway. That's not exactly the perfect time to enter your score, so we don't recommend this model if scorekeeping is on your desired feature list. The price point on this model is perfect for what it offers. It's easy to see and easy to use. It also provides distances to hazards and doglegs and a strong magnet for mounting to your cart or the included belt clip.

Rating: 4.42  
Weight: 3.4 oz.   Legal: Yes
Izzo Swami 6000
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GolfBuddy Voice 2 SE - Read Full Review

GolfBuddy has a winning formula with its GB Voice line. It's small, easy to use, lightweight, with an LCD screen, as well as voice distances. Plus, it's budget-friendly. The GolfBuddy GB Voice 2 SE increases the battery life over previous models to up to 20 hours. That's the most important feature of this solid performing compact golf GPS. We love it! We also love that you can see distances to the front, middle, and back of each green and also switch over to see the shape of the green when you want. It comes preloaded with 40,000 golf courses and can be updated using GolfBuddy GB Manager.

Rating: 4.41  
Weight: 1.1 oz.   Legal: Yes
GolfBuddy Voice 2 SE
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GolfBuddy Voice 2 - Read Full Review

GolfBuddy just keeps building on a winning theme. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 claims 14 hours of battery life. That's four hours more than the GolfBuddy VS4! It's water resistant, has the choice of male or female voice, and of course provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. It's available in three different colors as well. The wristband can be ordered separately on Amazon.

Rating: 4.40  
Weight: 1.02 oz.   Legal: Yes
GolfBuddy Voice 2
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  1. I have a bushnell phantom range finder
    I have lost the metal belt clip that came with it
    Can I buy a replacement?

  2. I have to replace the charging cord for my I’m Caddie model # IMC-PW. Is this available.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Joseph. “I’m Caddie” is out of business, but I think your device uses either a micro- or mini-usb power adapter. These are universal and easy to find. You may even have one in your house that you use for another device. Otherwise, you can pick one up at any store that carries electronics equipment, like Best Buy or Walmart. You can also order them from Amazon. This cable has both the mini and the micro on it, but I cannot guarantee that it would work for you, so it may be better for you to check locally first. Let me know if this helps!

  3. Jim Poziwilko says

    I just purchased a Garmin G10 to replace my older Bushnell watch (it wasn’t hold a charge for more then 18 holes) but what I noticed was the yardages were anywhere from 2 to 18 yards different. so I lasered at the 150 yard marker and the Bushnell was 153 and the Garmin was 165. Another time I was 104 out and the Garmin was telling me 118. This is a big distance gap between the two. Is there any way to re-calibrate the Garmin?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Jim. Laser and GPS won’t usually be exactly the same because of the pin placement. Laser is accurate to within 2 yards of the object you are hitting, whereas GPS usually gives distances to the middle of the green and sometimes the front and back of the green. On large greens, the distance between the middle of the green and the pin can be significant. GPS is also not as consistent or accurate as laser for other reasons, however, most of them are pretty good these days. If you find the Garmin G10 is not jiving with the laser after adjusting for the pin location, you can contact Garmin support here.

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