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Our Bushnell Tour V3 Review will give you an in-depth look at all the pros and cons that were consistently mentioned by owners. The results were the best we’ve ever seen in a laser rangefinder, so if you consider yourself a typical user, you would probably do well to end your research right here.

Bushnell Tour V3 Standard User Rating:
4.72 Stars 4.72 out of 5 (895 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.

The price is right and the performance is outstanding. The only rangefinders we rank higher are quite a bit more expensive and have features that appeal to golfers who compete in tournaments and golfers who may need a little additional assistance in using or reading the display on a rangefinder.

Although other similarly priced rangefinders have slightly higher magnification, we didn’t come across any users who complained about having trouble picking up the target. In fact the two top mentions in the feedback we reviewed were the accuracy and the ease of acquiring distances. Take a look at our full list below.

Most Mentioned Pros

% indicates frequency mentioned

  • Accuracy (19.72%)
  • Easy to acquire distance (17.61%)
  • Jolt/vibration (9.86%)
  • Ability to range any visible target (6.34%)
  • Improves game (5.63%)
  • Acquires distance quickly (4.93%)
  • Nice Case(4.93%)
  • Small size (4.23%)
  • Lightweight (4.23%)
  • Builds confidence (3.52%)
  • Simple (2.11%)
  • Quality (2.11%)
  • Available with or without slope (1.41%)
  • Price (1.41%)
  • Easy to read (1.41%)
  • Speeds up play (1.41%)
  • 2 year warranty (0.70%)
Most Mentioned Cons

% indicates frequency mentioned

  • Repair service (1.41%)
  • Battery door problem (1.41%)
  • Quality unit broke (1.41%)
  • Price (0.70%)
  • Battery life (0.70%)
Bushnell Tour V3 Features and Specifications

Model Bushnell Tour V3 Standard
Type retire
Slope No
Vibration y
Height 2.8 in.
Width 1.6 in.
Depth 4.3 in.
Weight 6.6 oz.
Battery 3-Volt
Battery Life 12 months
Display N/A
Rainproof Yes
Magnification 5x
Maximum Range 1000
Minimum Range 5
Notes Also available with Slope
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
GolfRangefinderShop.com Summary
We’ve simply never seen a golf rangefinder at this price point that gets this kind of rave reviews from this many users. The Bushnell V3 doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it does a superb job of picking up the distance to your target and letting you know with the vibrating burst known as Jolt technology. It’s small and lightweight and the price is amazing!
We work very hard to obtain the correct information about product features, but cannot make any guarantees about the accuracy. Please double check with the merchant or manufacturer before making a purchase.

User Manual for Bushnell Tour V3 Standard

Replacement battery for Bushnell Tour V3 Standard

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  1. Neil Mallett says:

    I heard that these rangefinders suddenly stop working with no apparent reason – Anyone had that happen to them – It maybe as a result of being used when its raining ? Comments please

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      Hi Neil. That’s definitely NOT a common complaint. The V3 is “rainproof” and my experience with Bushnell rangefinders is that they can handle heavy rain just fine. This is one of the highest rated and most popular rangefinders ever, so I would suggest a sudden malfunction like that is unlikely. Good luck in your decision.

  2. My Bushnell Tour v3 stopped working after about 9 months. I changed the battery and it still did not work for a while then suddenly restarted. Now about 4 months later it had stopped working again. Will try another battery change to see if that works. What is the typical battery life on these devices? Has amnyone else had this problem?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says:

      Obviously, battery life varies by how much you play, but I’ve gotten close to a year out of mine.

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