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This is our Golflogix Review for the GPS-8 handheld device that features Garmin’s high sensitivity, 12-channel GPS receiver. We also did a GolfLogix iPhone App Review if that is what you are after.

The Golflogix GPS-8 was an impressive model in its heyday, but we suggest looking checking out our latest picks

There are more customer ratings for this unit than just about any other golf GPS on the market and it scores very high. It’s simple, fast and usually accurate, but it was also one of the first handheld golf GPS units available. This older model can only store 20 courses, unlike the new GPS golf devices that come preloaded with thousands of golf courses. For the basic information it provides, the price is higher than current comparable models.

GolfLogix User Rating: 4.28 Stars 4.28 out of 5 (499 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.

That said, we still have the data from our original Golflogix review when we read hundreds of user reviews and observed the most common things people liked about it and the most common complaints.

Most Mentioned Pros (in order from high to low):
  • Worth the investment
  • 20 course memory capacity
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Accurate
  • Doesn’t just calculate the yardings but also display the distance of back, front and center of every green with hazards
  • Water and Shock resistant
  • Large number display so it is very easy to read
  • Fast Download of coursed maps
Most Mentioned Cons (in order from high to low):
  • Lacks Customer Representatives – Many have mentioned that it takes a while before you get to talk to a customer representative but nonetheless after relaying your problem, most certainly they will find the perfect solution for you.
  • Life span of the Battery – Some had said that its batteries didn-t last long as expected so it would be good to bring extra batteries on hand or better yet use chargeable batteries. This will actually save you more rather than buying disposable batteries.
  • Difficulties connecting the Unit to the computer – A few have stated that they are having a hard time connecting the unit with the USB included in the package, if this happens, call the customer support so they can either help you fix it or have it replaced with another USB.

Many are satisfied with the annual fee of $29.95 compared to other GPS unit, the price is certainly cheaper. Plus with the 15,000 pre coursed maps and counting that can be downloaded anytime, many were happy to purchase the GolfLogix Garmin GPS.

GolfLogix Features and Specifications
Course Download Fees Yes
Pre-loaded with Courses No
Full Hole Views Yes
Slope / Elevation No
Battery Life 22 hrs max
Battery 2 AA
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 4.4 in. x 2 in. x 1.4 in.
Measure Shot Distance No
Screen Size 1.25x2.25
Resolution N/A
Display Type monochrome LCD
Weight N/A oz.
Rainproof yes
Touch Screen No
Touch Targeting No
Manual Pin Positioning No
Stat Tracker No
Digital Scorecard No
Computer Analysis Tools No
Ground Verified No
Alternate Targets Yes
Green Rotates to your shot angle N/A
USGA Compliant (local rule) Yes
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