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I’ve noticed a lot of advertising lately for the Garmin GolfLogix iPhone App. Most of the time when you’re shopping for apps, the price is so low, that you don’t worry too much about making a mistake. Although the $40 price tag (that’s annually) for the GolfLogix iPhone app is steep compared to other apps, it’s very inexpensive when you compare it the GolfLogix GPS handheld unit, the SkyCaddie or any other golf GPS device. Fortunately, this GolfLogix iPhone app allows you to try it out before you buy it. We wish it would give you a week instead of 24 hours. For most people that’s only one round of golf at one golf course. To fully try it out, I would want to see how it performed on several courses.

A look at the review ratings in iTunes is a little concerning, since thousands have rated it and it only gets 3 stars. I do use 3 star apps that I love, so that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but as I mentioned earlier, most of those apps don’t carry much of a price tag. On top of that, I keep noticing another GPS golf app for iPhone that is only $30 (one-time fee) and out of 57 ratings, 52 people gave it 5 stars. The app I am talking about is the ViewTi Golf 2010. I assume the reason they don’t have nearly as many reviews as the GolfLogix app, is because they do not offer a free trial period. I don’t know how difficult that is to set-up, but if I were in charge at ViewTi, I’d be working on that offer.

I’ll be using the GolfLogix trial in the near future and will give my opinion at that time. If you have any experiences with an iPhone GPS app for golf, please leave a comment with your feedback.

There is a whole discussion to be had on what impact apps for smartphones will have on the golf rangefinder business (GPS and laser), but it seems that Garmin is betting that this is definitely part of the future.


  1. I am also a fond of iPhone GPS apps because they have quickly replaced other navigation devices due to their handheld features.People still buy rangefinders devices but this time is of GPS apps. In fact, many players in this industry have shifted their focus to mobile applications to grow their business. I think we should be start to use golf apps soon to be familiar with them.

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