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Building on their success with voice model golf GPS devices, Voice Caddie has taken a big step by entering the golf watch market. The Voice Caddie T1 is billed as a hybrid golf/fitness watch. For golf, it has the basic information you would expect from any budget priced golf watch: distance to the front, middle and back of every green and the ability to measure shot distance. At this price point we’re pleased to see that the VT1 allows you to keep score as well.

Voice Caddie T1 Watch User Rating: 3.50 Stars 3.50 out of 5 (31 reviews)

Score compiled from multiple sources.

There’s one more bonus feature that could prove to be very interesting if it works as advertised. The Voice Caddie VT1 detects when your swing begins and measures the tempo of your backswing and forward swing. If this is accurate, it might turn out to be a useful training device for the driving range.

For fitness, it reports speed, distance and calories burned. We like the fact that golfers who are also casual runners or walkers won’t necessarily need to buy a separate fitness watch for those activities.

Of course, it can also be used as a watch that tells the time, date and has an alarm and stopwatch. In watch mode, it lasts up to 28 weeks on a charge and in GPS mode, it lasts up to 11 hours. There are no fees for the Voice Caddie VT1 and it comes preloaded with over 30,000 golf courses. It also has automatic course and hole recognition. It’s available in black and white.

Voice Caddie T1 Watch Specifications
Voice Caddie T1 Watch
Course Download Fees No
Pre-loaded with Courses Yes
Full Hole Views Yes
Slope / Elevation No
Battery Life 11 hrs / 28 days
Battery Rechargeable
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 1.87 in. x 1.87 in. x N/A in.
Measure Shot Distance Yes
Screen Size N/A
Resolution N/A
Display Type LCD
Weight 2.19 oz.
Rainproof N/A
Touch Screen No
Touch Targeting No
Manual Pin Positioning No
Stat Tracker No
Digital Scorecard Yes
Computer Analysis Tools N/A
Ground Verified N/A
Alternate Targets No
Green Rotates to your shot angle N/A
USGA Compliant (local rule) N/A
Notes Automatically measure your swing tempo on every swing.
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  1. Have had the Voice Caddie T1 for a year, and the battery lasts for around 2.5 hours (while playing) after charging it fully the previous night. The battery runs out by the time you reach the 12th hole.
    Is there any method of changing the battery?

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Deb. I’m not aware of any battery replacement options for the Voice Caddie T1, but I did send Voice Caddie a message to see if they will confirm that and will let you know if/when I hear back.

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Deb. I did get a reply from Voice Caddie regarding the battery…
      Here’s what they said:

      No, T1 battery is not replaceable?

      Are you having battery issues? Is it not taking a full charge?

      Can you please update your firmware and course data on your watch and test out the battery?

      You can update via http://www.voicecaddie.com. Instructions are on “VC Manager Guide” under Support.

      Thank you,

      Please let us know if this works for you!

  2. I have a voice caddy and initially liked it. It is big and a bit uncomfortable to wear but I accepted that as abudget GPS watch. Problems are, when yopu bend your wrist it the bend of your hand often alters the mode which is a nuisence but I also agree with Debbie that the batery life is not good in GPS mode, only just completes a full course. Another problem is that I have misplaced the charger. I cannot find another charger anywhere except to buy from Voicecaddy in the US and the shipping on that to the UK just isn’t worth it, so I will search a bit further but the watch is in danger of finding its way to the bin and I will look at other watches. .

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Hi Steve. I’m sorry to hear that. If you decide to go with something new and can wait until the end of June, I really like the looks of the new Garmin S10.

      Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  3. M Barraclough says

    Hi I am trying to buy a watch strap for a voice caddie but not had any luck wondering if you could help thank you

    • Golf Rangefinder Shop says

      Sorry to say that I am unaware of any options for replacing the band.

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