Four Tips for Saving Shots with a Golf GPS App

golf GPS app screen shotUsing a golf GPS app can be helpful to your game, but it can also be a big distraction. Here are four tips that can help you save shots, rather than blowing them because you were so busy trying to figure out how to measure your shot distance or enter your score. Getting too wrapped up in a golf app can take time away from your enjoying a beautiful day or good company and it can definitely take you out of the rhythm you need to play your best.

  1. Download the app at home and spend some time learning how to navigate it. There may be a demo, or you can usually download a nearby course to check out the features. Read the instructions whether they are as a Help link within the app or on the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you know how to navigate between holes and how to get back and forth between any of the features you think you will want to use. Write down notes on how to do all these things and take them with you.
  2. Make sure your phone is charged fully – a golf GPS can drain battery in a hurry. You might want to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth to conserve power.
  3. Start slow. The first few times you use your new golf GPS app, arrive at the course early enough to get your course set up so you’re not doing it on the first tee. Then keep it simple – use the distances that it presents you and don’t mess with the scorecard or shot measuring features. Try to spend as little time as possible looking at your phone. Just let it do it’s most basic job and get good at utilizing that information.
  4. Save the advanced features for a day when you have time… either when you are playing alone or when you are waiting on every shot. Refer to those notes you took when studying the instructions. Try to practice it so you get really fast at accessing any information you want, but don’t use features just because they are there. Use only the ones that you feel will really benefit your game.

One of our favorite golf GPS app is Mobitee. Download it and give it a try.

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